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Tips To Prevent Heat Stroke In Your Pet

Avoid this preventable emergency


Overweight Panting Pug

Overweight Panting Pug

Getty - E+/Olena Savytska

Hot weather creates additional hazards for your pet. Unlike humans, animals can't change their wardrobe or turn on the air conditioning like humans do to keep comfortable. Follow these common sense tips to prevent a heat-related pet emergency.

Besides the obvious... provide shelter and shade, fresh water, and good grooming, here are some tips to help keep your pet cool in the summer heat.

  • Be aware of ways that your pet could accidentally be caught without shade - is your pet on a tether and could potentially get caught out in the full sun? Will the shade be available all day? While the shelter provides shade, is it hotter inside the shelter? If possible, utilize shade from trees in addition to the dog house; assuring that there is sufficient shade all day long.
  • If your pet is left indoors, is air conditioning available? Will the house stay cool through the heat of the day? Basement access will provide a naturally cool area to keep your pet comfortable.
  • For indoor or outdoor animals, a cool water "bath" before leaving for work will provide additional cooling for your pet.
  • Is fresh, cool water available at all times? Can your pet spill the water source? Consider installing an automatic pet waterer. Compare Prices).
  • Do not plan long walks or go jogging in the heat of the day. This can be life-threatening for some dogs. Plan exercise and outdoor activities in the relative coolness of morning and evening time. Be sure to bring along fresh water or a collapsible drinking bowl to allow your pet to get a cool drink when needed. Compare Prices
  • NEVER leave your pet in the car, even it it is only for a "quick errand." This is very dangerous, even on days that are only mildly warm. This can be deadly in a matter of minutes.

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