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Rose - a story of senior dog adoption

This lucky dog left the shelter for a new home and much-needed vet care


Adopting a pet takes thought, preparation and a commitment to providing care and housing for the life of the new pet. Adopting a senior pet with medical issues is all of that and more.

Many times, after a life with a family, senior pets are surrendered to shelters due to financial reasons, family relocation or foreclosure, or medical issues that the family can't or doesn't want to take care of.

In this story, meet Rose, one lucky senior pet who left the shelter for a new home and much-needed veterinary care. Her story was made possible by shelter workers going the "extra mile" to find her a home, an amazing couple who adopted Rose, and veterinary professionals who helped get Rose healthy to enjoy and be comfortable in her senior years.

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Rose relaxing on her new bed just after being adopted © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMRose - a story of senior dog adoptionRose close-up of blind right eye - 24 hours after adoption © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMRose's eye Rose - the look of trust by Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMPre-surgery RoseRose in need of a dental cleaning © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMSeriously in need of a cleaning
Right elbow of Rose - lump removal © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMRose's elbow lump - prepped for surgeryRose - one day after surgery © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMRose one day after surgery
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