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Learn where to find local adoption resources, online adoption options, and how you can help animals in need, even if you can't adopt at this time. The links below are for general information about rescue and adoption, success stories, and rescue organizations that work with more than one species. For species-specific adoption information, please click on the "More Categories" links.
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Lucky Gets Lucky
Guest Author Nancy Lapid tells the story of Lucky, a senior dog who had been in the shelter for a year. Lucky dog, lucky family.

Guest Author Bio - Nancy Lapid
Guest Author Bio - Meet Nancy Lapid, writing for Veterinary Medicine at About.com.

The Less Adoptables: Jasmine the Kitten
Jasmine started out with a rough life. Learn how things turned out for this "less adoptable" pet.

Pet Adoption and Fostering
Sometimes my pets find me, sometimes I find them. I have adopted pets from various circumstances my entire life. That is what is 'normal' to me. After becoming involved with social media, I became more aware of the wide-ranging efforts of adoption groups and shelters and how those efforts are hurt by the economy and by the public perception of...

Adoption Success - share your stories and tips for pet adoption and r…
The decision to add a new pet to the family is one that should not be taken lightly. Stories of animals being returned to the shelter, for whatever reason, are heartbreaking.The inspiring story of Kelsey the Twice-Adopted dog offers good advice about making a potentially difficult adoption work. Patience, commitment and training are keys for...

How did your adopted pet change your life?
Adoptions of dogs, cats and other pets happen in many ways - strays that show up on your doorstep, shelter adoptions, via breed rescue groups, meet and greets at public events, and sometimes through your veterinarian. How did you find your new best friend? Was it love at first site, or an adoption after much consideration? Please tell us about...See submissions

Sophie the Dog: My Personal Story of Pet Shelter Adoption
I wanted to help animals in need and decided to donate some pet food to my local shelter. I have to be honest... I was a little intimidated by the thought. I have, of course, worked with shelters and rescue animals over the years, and quite frankly, it can be depressing. Too many animals. Too few homes. So I sent my husband on this errand....

Meet Our New Adopted Dog
Inspired by my rescue and adoption friends on Twitter plus just being the "right time" for our family, we started checking out available dogs on Petfinder.com. I was a little surprised and encouraged to discover that the first few dogs I checked into had already found homes. Then my husband got involved. He hadn't forgotten my first Greyhound...

Online Pet Adoption Guide: Dogs, Cats, Senior and Exotic Pets
Are you considering adopting a pet? Learn what type of pet is best for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Find photos and information online about adoptable pets in your area. What if you aren't ready to adopt at this time but want to help animals in need? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this online adoption article.

Pet Adoption: Home for the Holidays Part 2
One year ago, we adopted Argos, a retired racing Greyhound. He had quite a racing career, and at 4 years of age, he was used to the scheduled life on the track. It took him a while to get used to a varied and much looser "schedule" and other aspects of living in a home with people and other pets. Here is a recap of the last year.

Being The Change You Want To See - how have you been inspired…
People everywhere are pondering what they can do to help one animal, one shelter, their local community or globally to help animals in need and raise awareness. How have you used your talents and voice to help animals? Helping just one animal makes a world of difference for that one animal. One idea inspires another. Start small, watch things grow. I have lots of ideas to help get started. How ar…

Hilary Swank - Champion for Animal Adoption
It's estimated that 8 million animals are in shelters and rescues in the US, awaiting a home. Sadly, 6 million animals never do find a home and are put to death each year. These numbers are overwhelming and honestly, hard to imagine. What can one person really do to help, especially when feeling overwhelmed by so many animals in need? This was one of my questions for Hilary Swank, award-winning a…

Rose - a story of senior dog adoption
Adopting a pet takes thought, preparation and a commitment to providing care and housing for the life of the new pet. Adopting a senior pet with medical issues is all of that and more. Many times, after a life with a family, senior pets are surrendered to shelters due to financial reasons, family relocation, or medical issues that the family can't or doesn't want to take care of. This is the stor…

Furry Fundraising - how to raise funds for pet and vet care bills
The economy is depressing, no doubt about it. But there are good things happening, too. People have pulled together to increase awareness and funds for shelters, rescues and animals everywhere. This has been accomplished largely through grass roots efforts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, what if you are just one person, rescuing one animal? Here is a collection of res…

Adoption Resources - all about dog cat and other pet adoptions
The struggling economy and rising costs mean more animals than ever are in need of homes. Learn where to find local adoption resources, online adoption options, and how you can help animals in need -- even if you can't adopt at this time. Read adoption success stories to know what to expect when you add a new pet to your home. This helps ensure...

Pet Adoption and Rescue - People-Pet Matchmaking - Does it work for a…
I write often about adopting a pet; finding homes for pets in shelters is an issue that is near and dear to me. I am all for pre-adoption preparation, too. Not all pets fit all lifestyles. Careful consideration must be given to the size, age, type and temperament of prospective pets. Waiting a little longer in a shelter is preferable to being adopted and returned again. Some adoption organization…

Pet Care Planning - Do you have plans in place if you are unable to c…
We love our pets and provide the best possible care. Many of us assume that we will outlive our pets. This is a natural assumption, and often true. But what if we don't outlive our pets? Do you have plans in place should you die or become unable to care for your pets? This isn't a fun topic to think about, but a few minutes of planning and communication today can save heartache later on, for both…

Pet Care Planning - Do you have a plan in place for your pets?
Pets don't live long enough. We always assume that we will outlive them. But what if the unthinkable happens? If you die or become injured, what will happen to your pets? Do you have a plan in place? A recent story of a dog "orphaned" in a kennel after her owner died while on vacation got me thinking about pet care planning. No one knows what...

Animal neglect and cruelty - have you ever reported a case of animal …
Animal neglect and cruelty is something that is hard to think about. We take good care of our pets. Doesn't everybody? Besides, someone else will fix the problem, right? Not always. Neglected and abused animals are often voiceless victims, and not just in some back alley. They might be in your neighborhood. Please share your story to encourage others to be the "eyes and ears" for those in need.

Encouraging before-and-after photos of animal cases helped by the SPCA
This is a companion gallery to my six-part interview with Beth Brookhouser of the Monterey County SPCA in California. In this gallery, see some startling before and hopeful after cases of animal abuse and neglect involving dog, cat and horse cases.

SPCA Interview - Meet Captain Adams of the SPCA for Monterey …
Captain Adams contributed to this multi-part SPCA for Monterey County interview. She has worked at this SPCA since 2005.

SPCA Interview - Meet Lieutenant Scheid of the SPCA for Monterey Coun…
Lieutenant Scheid contributed to this multi-part SPCA for Monterey County interview. She has worked at this SPCA for two years. She loves her job and making a positive difference in animal's lives.

Interview with Beth Brookhouser, of the Monterey County SPCA …
This is my six-part interview with Beth Brookhouser of the Monterey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The purpose of this series of articles is threefold: 1) to educate people about animal neglect and abuse, 2) offer tips to work with humane organizations and help animals in local communities and 3) see real-life examples of how the SPCA changes animals' lives for t…

Nervous or not sure about reporting?
This is Part 5 of my interview with Beth Brookhouser, Director of Community Outreach for the SPCA for Monterey County SPCA in California. In this interview, get some tips if you suspect animal neglect or abuse but are afraid to report a friend, relative or neighbor.

What to do if you suspect animal neglect or abuse
This is part five of my interview with Beth Brookhouser, Director of Community Outreach for the SPCA for Monterey County SPCA in California. In this segment, learn what do do if you suspect animal abuse or neglect, and how to report possible cases in your community.

SPCA Interview Part 3 - Identifying Animal Abuse and Neglect
This interview is the third in a series of six interviews with Beth Brookhouser, Director of Community Outreach for the SPCA for Monterey County SPCA in California. By learning how to recognize signs of animal abuse and neglect, people can be the "eyes and ears" for animals everywhere and provide assistance if necessary.

SPCA Interview Part II - Necessary Veterinary Care
This is Part 2 of my interview with Beth Brookhouser, Director of Community Outreach for the SPCA for Monterey County SPCA in California. In this interview, learn what the SPCA does for animals in need of immediate veterinary care: how the cases are initially handled, how animals are "seized" by the SPCA and laws pertaining to basic humane pet care.

Interview with Beth Brookhouser Director of the Monterey SPCA Animal Rescue
Learn what animal shelters and humane organizations do to help abused, neglected and injured animals. This article is the first in a six part series on what the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) does for all types of animals in Monterey County California. Find out how you can be the "eyes and ears" to help animals in need wherever you are. By doing so, you may just save an animal's life or rescue it from another day in misery.

Sophie the Dog: adoption update - 6 years later
This is the follow-up story of the shelter adoption of my dog, Sophie, 6 years post-adoption. Other than turning a deaf ear from time to time or chewing something she shouldn't, she is a very good dog, and very much a part of our family.

Sophie the Velcro Dog - Dealing With Separation Anxiety - Part III
This is the story of the shelter adoption of my dog, Sophie, Part III. Four months after adopting Sophie, we are still dealing with mild separation anxiety. Read about this common behavioral problem, and what I did to help reduce this clingy behavior in Sophie.

Sophie the Dog: My Personal Story of Pet Shelter Adoption - Part II
This is the story of the shelter adoption of my dog, Sophie, Part II. Four months after adopting Sophie from the Shelter, the "real" Sophie emerges. How did she fit in to our human and animal family?

Spay Day 2007 - The Results Are In!
Each February the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) promotes Spay Day, a campaign to promote the spaying and neutering pets and creating awareness of the problem of pet overpopulation. This year, see how many animals were spayed/neutered, how much money was raised for the surgeries and how many people were helped by this campain.

Find Many Ways to Participate in Spay Day USA
SpayDay USA is held each year in February to promote awareness about the serious pet overpopulation problem in the United States. In addition to sharing information about pet overpopuplation, responsible pet ownership and the health benefits of neutering your animal (spay or castration surgery), Spay Day promotes several avenues for low-cost...

Pet Rescue and Adoption: Rescue Cat Qualifies for Delta Society Pet Partners
Sarah A. Grim, owner of City Kitty Pet-Sitting Service LLC, Columbia, MO, and Casper, a white Persian, became the 165th cat team registered as a Delta Society Pet-Partner following their successful evaluation in Overland Park, KS, on November 12, 2005. Pet Partners, a service arm of the Delta Society, bring the physical and emotional benefits of human-animal interactions to people in a variety of settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Viewer Viewpoint - Opinion Piece: Q & A About Paws / Combating Myths
What is the PAWS legislation? How will it affect animal rescue groups? Learn more about this legislation, how it may affect you, and what you can do to help, in this opinion piece by author Jim Willis.

Animal Hoarding
It may start out innocently enough, rescuing animals in need, but then the situation soon becomes a case of filth and neglect for the animals "rescued". This is a farily common situation for people involved in animal rescue, helping adopt out the overcrowded and neglected pets of an animal collector. Learn about the pyschiatric condition of animal hoarding.

Burnout: When Rescuers Need Rescuing
Excellent article by Melissa Kaplan. This article is geared toward reptile rescue and rehab, but good points to consider for all who work in the rescue and adoption field.

Farm Sanctuary Rescue & Refuge
With farms in California (300 acre) and New York state (175 acre), this organization provides rescue, rehabilitation and care for farm animals coast-to-coast. They care for "food animals" that have been victims of abuse and neglect: cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, and rabbits.

Donkey Rescue
A safe haven for donkeys and wild burros. This organization has chapters in many US states to surrender or adopt a donkey.

Online Adoption Overview
From your About.com guide -- the pet overpopulation problem, why adoption is so important, and where to get started searching online for a pet to adopt.

Viewer Viewpoint: An Adopted Dog Changed our Lives
Viewer Cheryl L. Anderson shares her story about "Buggy" -- a Rottweiler adopted into a much better home than he was previously at. This is the story of Buggy's life after adoption, and how he touched his owner's life over the years.

Viewer Viewpoint - Adoption Success - Kornflake the Dog
A viewer shares her story of pet adoption, and the joy that an adopted pet can bring. This is the story of "Kornflake" and later on, the addition of "SugarPop".

Viewer Viewpoint - "Where's Daddy's Baby?"
Author Jim Willis was one of the first contributing authors on this site and has contributed an incredible library of animal stories and poems over the years. He is also a well known animal rights and rescue worker. On the one year anniversary of a tragic house fire that killed 14 of his pets, Jim Willis writes a tribute to friends lost that day.

Viewer Viewpoint - How Could You?
Known the world over, an emotional poem from the viewpoint of an animal surrendered at a shelter, by author Jim Willis.

Viewer Viewpoint - Stolen Maltese Recovered in Brooklyn, NY
A viewer from Brooklyn, New York shares this harrowing story of her dog's theft and eventual recovery from the streets of New York.

Viewer Viewpoint - You Weren't The One I Wanted
Poem about pet adoption, by author Jim Willis.

Hurricane Charley's Animal Victims - August 2004
And update and description of the local damage due to Hurricane Charley from Veterinary Medicine viewer Jodi Witte. Many animals are homeless and in need of help and donations.

The Viewer Viewpoint: Great Dane Graces Our Lives
Stories of animal neglect, abuse, and abandonment are a daily occurrence in the news these days. This article, like most of the Viewer Viewpoint articles, offers a bright side -- animals given a new lease on life thanks to the kindness of those people who have adopted. Read Cicely's story to be reminded of the power of pet adoption.

The Viewer Viewpoint: Wuffy, the Cat Rescuing Dog
Read about Wuffy the amazing rescue dog in this Viewer Viewpoint article. This dog was rescued/adopted 11 years ago. That in itself is a happy story. What's more, Wuffy has worked for over 10 years rescuing abandoned cats! Learn about her work with the with Southern California Siamese (cat) Rescue in this success story article.

Lost Pets: Proper ID is Key to Preventing Lost Pets
Lost pets often end up at shelters where they may or may not be found by their owner "in time." Collar ID tags and microchips can only do so much if the information isn't current. Here is the story of a lost dog we found at a local fireworks celebration, and how tags and 24PetWatch helped reunite this terrified dog with his relieved owners.

Dog and Cat Microchips
Thanks to microchips, the small computer chip used by shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians, thousands of pets have found their way back home after being lost, injured, or in some cases, stolen. Many reunions taking place months or years after the pet first went missing. Microchips work. Here is a photo gallery of what the chip looks like, how it is implanted, and how scanners work.

Pet Microchips - is your dog or cat microchipped?
Thanks to microchips, the small computer chip ID implants used by shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians, thousands of pets have found their way back home. Some pets wandered away and became lost or injured. In some cases, stolen. Many reunions take place months or years after the pet first went missing. Microchips work when tags fall off or...

A Microchipped Cat Finds His Way Home
I love reading news stories about lost dogs and cats finding their way home thanks to their microchip ID. They are reunited with their people after seemingly impossible amounts of time and great distances in some cases. Here is the story of my "find" -- a cat that was dumped along a country road on a dark rainy night.

Senior Pets - Older dogs and cats have lots of love to share
Senior pets have a special place in my heart. While they may take extra time and extra care to accommodate for the changes seen in old age, they still give their all to their human family members. The stories of seniors up for adoption are usually heartbreaking - an owner dies or is too ill or elderly to care for the pet, the family moves,...See submissions

Senior Pet Adoptions
I am particularly fond of senior pets and pet adoptions. Thanks to Petfinder, the popular pet adoption site, November is the time to celebrate both. Here are my top 5 reasons that senior pets deserve a "first look," and helpful resources for senior pet adoption and showing off our favorite senior pets.

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