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Glossary Term: Pedunculated (Polyp or Tumor)


Definition: Pronunciation Key: Ped-unk'-u-lat-ed

Pedunculated means attached to a base by means of a peduncle, or slender stalk. Examples include some types of flowers (i.e. Bleeding Hearts), or animal body parts; such as the eye of a lobster.

When used with the words polyp or tumor, pedunculated means a growth on a small stalk. This can be anything from a small skin tag to a larger growth, anywhere in the body. Growths such as this are often (but not always) benign and usually easy to remove surgically, either on the skin surface or by endoscopy or laparoscopy.

Pedunculated polyps or tumors inside the body can run the risk of becoming strangulated or twisted and cut off from the blood supply; causing cellular death and possibly infection or other problems. Contributing factors include size of growth, location of growth, length of peduncle and so on.

If you notice any growths (pedunculated or not) anywhere on your pet, please contact your veterinarian for a complete examination and diagnostic plan. Many growths can be aspirated right in the exam room. Your veterinarian will then have a good idea for the next diagnostic or curative step. In the case of middle aged to senior animals, some growths are considered "normal" with age -- small eyelid tumors, warts, etc. However, all growths should be checked and examined at least annually, sooner if the growth changes in size or character.

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Pronunciation: Pronunciation Key: Ped-unk'-u-lat-edAudio Link
Jane's dog Pete had a small pedunculated eyelid tumor that her veterinarian surgically removed during Pete's dental cleaning.
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