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Top 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Veterinarians & Staff


The holidays are approaching, and if you are wondering how to say "thank you" to your favorite veterinary practice, here are some great ideas that everyone on staff can enjoy.

1. Fruit Gift Baskets

Most veterinary practices are fast-paced, with little time for a healthy meal or snack. A fresh fruit basket is not only beautiful to look at, it offers great on-the-go snacks for everyone!
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2. Coffee & Tea Gift Baskets

Something to keep that on-the-go staff going! Beautiful collections of coffee and tea items to keep everyone warm and happy.
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3. Chocolate Gifts

I would be remiss to not mention everyone's favorite, chocolate! Bite-sized, individual servings make these gift ideas so easy to share with everyone at the office... except the pets!
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4. Flower & Plant Gifts

Flowers and plants always brighten up a space. If purchasing something "permanent" like a growing plant gift basket, you may want to phone ahead and ask the receptionist what would work in their office space prior to shopping for this type of item.
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5. Humorous (and Sometimes Silly) Gifts for Veterinarians

Here you will find pages of gift ideas, from a large variety of vendors. At the time of this writing, you can find personalized cartoons and caricatures for your favorite veterinarian, or my favorite, "Plush Dolls of Common Pet Diseases".
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6. Veterinary Professional Gifts

Here you will find custom engravings and sleek metal gifts featuring the veterinary caduceus as well as dog and cat designs for veterinarians.

7. Donate to your vet's favorite animal charity or rescue group

A gift of your time or money to a local animal charity or rescue organization in your veterinarian's name is always appreciated, and can be given at any time of the year!

This link will direct you to The Animal Rescue Site, a partner site of PetFinder.com. A daily click on this site will help feed shelter animals.

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