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Great Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers


Looking for great gift ideas for pets and pet lovers? Safety concerns should be considered first when selecting gifts for pets. This list of gift ideas offers "safe" choices that should be suitable for all of the pets and pet lovers on your list.

1. Personalized Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags - image courtesy of Pricegrabber
image courtesy of Pricegrabber

Keeping the information on your pet's collar tags current will help them find their way home and may someday save their life. Add cell phone and email info as well as the "traditional" phone and address info for the best results. Choose what fits your pet's lifestyle best from a selection of custom ID tags, leashes and colors.

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2. Pet Photo Blanket

Herman the cat and Sophie the dog Photo Blanket by Keepsakes Etc.
courtesy Keepsakes Etc.

While I had heard of photo blankets, I had never seen one up close and personal. I submitted a photo of my pets, Herman the cat and Sophie the dog, to be made into a photo blanket. I was dismayed that I couldn't find a high resolution of this memorial photo, but was very pleased with the final results.

2010 shopping update: It looks like the price has been lowered on theses items this year. This item is a great value for everyone especially those that are hard to shop for or "already have everything."

3. Cat Scratching Posts and Climbing Trees

Cat Scratching Post - image courtesy of Pricegrabber
image courtesy of Pricegrabber

Here is a gift that is fun for cats and fun for the people who get to watch them play on their new scratching post. This is a great way to "add some vertical" to your cat's environment and increase activity to keep your cats at a healthy weight.

These items come in many shapes and sizes -- something for every cat to be happy with and get some exercise at the same time.

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4. Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - courtesy PriceGrabber
Courtesy PriceGrabber

This is a great toy to keep dogs busy, even my dogs, who aren't extremely food-motivated. This toy would be ideal for dogs who eat too fast or want to eat all of the time. The large ball will hold 2+ cups of food, so the dog can work eating their "daily meals" for a long time.

5. Zogoflex Dog Toys

Purl loves the Zogoflex Huck ball / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM
Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM
There is a lot more to these toys than meets the eye. Safe (no broken teeth!), non-toxic and eco-friendly, these toys were well-received by my 3 dog testers.

6. Kong Dog Toys

Kong Dog Toys - image courtesy of PriceGrabber
image courtesy of PriceGrabber

I have personally used Kong toys for my dogs over the years, and have been happy with the durability, safety and basic "dog enjoyment" that these toys provide.

I checked, and was happy to find that these toys are made in the USA (to reduce worries about lead or other unsafe contaminants). They offer many varieties of size and "strengths" for puppies, seniors, and serious chewers.

7. Eco Nap Dog Bed

Another West Paw Designs product, I use these beds all of the time in crates, for travel, and around the house. In addition to being made-in-the-USA, the materials are recycled and recyclable. I have washed this bed many times and it looks brand new, thanks in part to the extra filling in the perimeter 'bumper' - this bed holds up well with heavy use.

8. Speaking for Spot

Speaking For Spot © Dr Nancy Kay
© Dr Nancy Kay

The purpose of the book Speaking for Spot is something I very much agree with; being a advocate for your pet. The goals are many: teaching people how to know when their pet is sick, find a veterinarian that works for your pet and you, informing people about medical procedures, diseases and conditions, straight talk about money, and finally, how and when to know it is "time" to say goodbye.

Nancy Kay DVM DACVIM covers all of these topics and more, with conversational tone that is easy to understand. I was pleased to meet Dr Kay in 2010, and she "walks the talk" of this book; she helps animals with the Speaking For Spot Gives Back program and is passionate about helping facilitate communications between clients and veterinarians.

9. Through A Dog's Ear - Book and Starter CD

Through A Dog's Ear - Book + CD
Joshua Leeds & Susan Wagner DVM, MS

This book and associated CDs are very affordable and a great value for those who love dogs and those who want to reduce stress. The information presented is an important introduction to thinking about sound and assessing the noise pollution in our everyday lives.

I use the CD to calm my dog and to help me focus when I have work to do that requires a high level of concentration.

Another reason I love this product? Pianist Lisa Spector is another vendor that gives back to help pets.

10. Thundershirt for Dogs

Sophie wearing the Thundershirt by Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM
by Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM

This product is based in part on the work by Temple Grandin, noted author, Doctor of Animal Science, and professor at Colorado State University. The thought is that gentle pressure provided by this shirt calms the nervous system. Does it work? I tried it on my own dog Sophie, who suffers from loud noise phobias.

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