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Brake-Fast® Pet Food Bowl

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The Bottom Line

This is a great bowl for dogs who need to slow down eating. Slower eating may help prevent such conditions as vomiting, bloat and obesity. In my house of three dogs, it has reduced competition around mealtimes.

There is a metal version available for people or dogs who don't like plastic.

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  • It worked to slow down my voracious hound's eating time
  • Large variety of sizes available, also works for cats
  • Useful tool to potentially help reduce other health problems
  • Works with canned or kibbled food
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not many options (yet) in metal or other non-plastic materials
  • Some dogs may chew the plastic bowl - remove after feeding
  • May not work for all dogs or cats
  • This bowl is about twice the cost of similarly sized "regular" bowls


  • A pet food bowl with 3 large "pegs" to require more time to eat around.
  • Wide base design provides good bowl stability.
  • Bowls come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small size works for cats.
  • Plastic bowls are made from medical grade modified polystyrene.
  • Metal bowls are coated with PTFE: a non-stick coating for cookware, industrial and medical uses.

Guide Review - Brake-Fast® Pet Food Bowl

The brake-fast® bowl was designed to slow dogs down when eating. This bowl also works for cats. This is useful for the pets who eat so fast that they gulp in air, potentially leading to conditions such as bloat or vomiting after eating. Slowing down the food intake also helps the pet feel more full - reducing overeating and tendency for obesity.

I tried this bowl out on my new foster-turned-adoptee Greyhound Purl, who couldn't eat fast enough and was trying to steal the other dogs' food after gulping down her own. Not good.

Purl, like Argos before her, ate ravenously, practically diving into her food bowl. I wasn't too concerned - Argos was the same, but quickly figured out that he would indeed get fed every day, at regular times, and with yummy food. There would be no competition.

Unlike Argos, each feeding time seemed to bring on more of a frenzy for Purl. She would eat incredibly fast, then poke around the other dogs' bowls waiting for tidbits. Then she would hover around the house, picking up anything (pencils and plastic were favorites) and gobble them down. After three weeks, she wasn't slowing down.

I tried putting a bowl upside down in the middle of Purl's dish. That worked for a few times, but she quickly figured out how to nose the bowl out of the way to gobble just as fast as before.

We purchased a brake-fast® bowl from a local pet supply store. Purl wasn't so sure about this new obstacle-laden dish, but she forged ahead. It was messy the first time, since she tried to eat at the same speed as before. But that was OK.

The bowl has a wide solid base, but is meant to slide, further slowing the dog down as they move around after it. I placed the bowl in a corner, so we did not have that effect, but it may work well for some dogs. I need to keep feeding zones separate.

After a few feedings, Purl reconciled with the brake-fast® bowl. She is eating more "normally" and is now the last dog to finish. She is also calmer post-eating.

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I purchased this item for my own pet.
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 5 out of 5
Slow down eating bowl., Member JoyNav

I've used this bowl for a couple of years on my GSH who is a 'gulper'. Before this I used to put 5"" stones on top of his food, but that required a lot of washing up. This bowl is far more convenient and does the trick. I place it in a corner and put a chair leg against it so it doesn't slide around.

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