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Westminster Dog Show 2012

Meet the dogs and their people


Westminster is one of only a few bench shows in the US. A bench show is where the participants must remain on "the bench" (behind the scenes) when they are not in the ring. This is to allow the public to meet and greet the dogs and their people.

Due to continued construction at New York's Madison Square Garden, the benching area was reduced in size. Because of this, the number of entrants was reduced from 2,500 to 2,000 dogs. The benching area was a bit chaotic as well; trying to find interviewees and specific entrants was a challenge at times.

Go in the ring, behind the scenes, and meet up with some of the dog-showing veterinarians interviewed on this site. This gallery features photos from the 136th Westminster Dog Show, February 2012.

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Belgian Tervurens in the ring / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMBelgian Tervurens in the ringSleepy Beauceron / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMBeauceronArgos the American Foxhound / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMArgos the American FoxhoundArgos the American Foxhound and Jeanne Fournier-Fike DVM / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMArgos the American Foxhound
Afghan Hound on the grooming table / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMAfghan Hound on the grooming tableSmooth Coated, Blue Merle Collie / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMSmooth CollieBriards in the ring / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMBriards in the ringCalvin the Shetland Sheepdog and Julie Iverson DVM with Knitted Goods /  Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMCalvin the Shetland Sheepdog
Boston Terrier Love / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMBoston TerrierBorzoi Love /  Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMThe BorzoiHappy Bloodhound / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMThe BloodhoundGreyhound Love / Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMGreyhound Love
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