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Why Does My Dog Still Stink After A Bath?


Dog in Bath Tub

Dog in Bath Tub

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Question: Why Does My Dog Still Stink After A Bath?
from the VetMed Forums:
I have a Shepard/Chow mix, 14-15 years old. He has allergies that cause him to dig and chew his fur off down to the skin. He is on medicated shampoo from vet, and gets a bath with it weekly. This has made him stop chewing and the hair has grown back. My problem is he still continues to smell before a week is up and he is getting the furniture dirty.

What would continue to cause him to smell and why, after getting bathed weekly, does he get furniture dirty if he only goes outside for short periods of time?

Answer: Inflammed and allergic skin often secretes excess oil, which in turn will go rancid (odor) and is likely the cause of the marks on the furniture. A towel or blanket will help in the short term.

Drying shampoos can contribute to this. If it has been a while since the shampoo was prescribed, please check with your vet to re-evaluate the shampoo choice. Using a pet conditioner after the shampoo may also be recommended. Your vet can also recheck the skin and prescribe any additional medications, such as allergy control or antibiotics.

Another thing to check with your vet about would be adding some fatty acid supplements to the diet to restore the skin and coat to optimal condition.

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