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My Hyperthyroid Cat -- New Laboratory Findings

Herman Handling Medication Well


Herman Quinn - October 2007

Herman Quinn - October 2007

Janet Tobiassen DVM
Two and a half weeks after starting the Tapazole®, all of the laboratory values were repeated. We did a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, thyroid panel and urinalysis. The results came back better than I was anticipating as far as the kidney values: his BUN and Creatinine values were unchanged from the last time (pre Tapazole), despite a drop in thyroid hormone to normal levels (2.19), so that was great news.

Four days prior to the repeat blood work, I noticed that Herman was losing his appetite and a bit more lethargic, so I cut back on the Tapazole® -- from a half a table twice a day to half a table once a day. Within twenty four hours, he had perked up considerably and was back to begging everyone in the house for snacks!

This week, he has been much more "normal" and doesn't seem so "old" as he was in the previous weeks. I am very much relived. I know that the kidneys are in early failure and he has a residual high white blood cell count which may be something lurking (but continuing to treat with antibiotics). I spoke to the specialist today, and we are taking a "wait and see" approach, checking back in 3 and 6 months before scheduling I-131 treatment and making sure that the other health parameters stay in check.

For now, for today, Herman is back to his happy, purring and talkative self, and my family and I are appreciating each day we have with our beloved Herman Roosevelt Quinn.

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