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Dental Care: Tips for taking care of your pet's teeth

Good dental health is a lifelong process


11. Top 8 Tips and tools for home dental care for pets

Now that your pet has been examined by your vet and the teeth have been professionally cleaned (if necessary), what's next? These tips will help you find the best "tools" and techniques for your pet's dental needs.

12. My pet has bad breath. How can I care for my pet's teeth at home?

A professional cleaning (and removal of any diseased teeth) will make home dental care easier and often with better long term success. This FAQ discusses different types of pet dental care products and where to find them.

13. Do those "doggie breath mints" at the pet food store really work?

Bad breath in pets, especially dogs, is often joked about, but can be a serious health problem. Rarely is bad breath related to last night's dinner. Often, it is a sign of poor dental health that should be checked out with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

14. My Dog's Teeth Are Worn Down. Should I Be Concerned?

Belle Smiles - credit: GenGlo.com
This FAQ looks at a common problem, especially for dogs: worn down teeth. What causes teeth to wear, and what should you do about worn down teeth in your pet?

15. Will Teeth Tighten Up Again?

Tug O War Dog - image credit: :mrMark: on Flickr
Image credit: :mrMark: on Flickr

 A viewer asks if loose teeth will ever "tighten back up" after playing tug 'o war.

16. When a dental cleaning is recommended for your pet

Guest author Jennifer Fry, VMD offers this "Dental Letter" for pet owners who have been told that their pet needs a dental cleaning. This letter explains the process and what to expect.
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