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Dermatology Diary - photos of two canine dermatology patients

Read about and view the progress of these two dogs, seen by a vet dermatologist


Lianne McLeod, Guide to Exotic Pets at About.com, has written an extensive "dermatology diary" account of her two dogs who suffer from itchy skin and hair loss. Learn what is involved in a veterinary referral work up; how skin diseases are examined and ruled out, the topical medications, oral medications and special diets that veterinary dermatologists use to diagnose and return their patients to good health.
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Asia - January 2004Meet AsiaSimba - April 2004Meet SimbaAsia - January 2004Meet AsiaAsia - January 2006Asia - January 2006
Asia March 2006Asia March 2006Asia - July 2006Asia - July 2006Simba - January 2006Simba - January 2006Simba - July 2006Simba - July 2006
Simba - July 2006Simba - July 2006Simba  - July 2006 Simba - July 2006Simba - August 2006Simba - August 2006Simba - close up of skin today (2006)Simba - August 2006
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