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Small Animal Massage, Physical Therapy and Water Therapy

Variety of treatments available for rehabilitation and pain management in pets


Swimming and exercising in the therapy pool © The Rex Center

Swimming and exercising in the therapy pool

© The Rex Center
A question was asked on the Veterinary Medicine Facebook page:
    Do you have any articles about treating arthritis in older dogs without using NSAIDS? I'm interested in hydrotherapy, massage, range of motion exercises, etc.

The author had tried the popular glucosamine/chondroitin and SAMe supplements, but noted it hadn't help relive her 15-year old dog's pain.

In addition to recommending using orthopedic and/or heated pet beds, I wanted to learn more about the other types of physical therapies available to pets. This is the index page for a series of interviews with animal massage, physical and hydro (water) therapists. The same six questions will be asked of each therapist.

Disclaimer: I have not worked with these therapists and do not know them personally. If you decide to seek out similar therapies for your pet, please consult your veterinarian for his/her opinion, a recommendation, or a direct referral.

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