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Good Grooming: A Matter of Life and Health

Avoid problems -- keep your pet clean and groomed


Sheltie with a brush © Brief Gasp on Flickr

Sheltie with a brush

Brief Gasp on Flickr
Good grooming encompasses many aspects of pet care. Proper care of your pet's hair coat, ears, teeth and nails will enhance your pet's health and reduce the potential for costly (and often avoidable) veterinary visits.

Animals that are not groomed regularly run the risk of potentially serious health problems that may include:

Grooming tasks can be done all or in part by the owner or by a professional groomer. Some tasks, such as anal sac "maintenance" and dental care should be done by your veterinarian or someone trained in this aspect of care.

Each pet has their own personality - some love to be brushed, some do not. Likewise, some pets will be amenable to letting owners clip their nails and brush their teeth, some pets will prove to be more of a challenge.

Please consult with your veterinarian or a professional groomer first if you have questions on the proper technique and restraint for each grooming task. It is much safer for your and your pet to know the proper techniques and will make the job much easier, too.

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Skin and Hair Coat



Fly Strike (Miasis)

Anal Sacs

Veterinary Parasites

  • Parasites of Dogs and Cats Regular grooming and examination of your pet's coat, skin and ears will aid in parasite prevention and control. If you see parasites, please contact your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment -- all parasites are not created equal and treatments vary widely.

Dental Health

Photo credit: Lulu with a brush" © Brief Gasp on Flickr

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