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Do those "doggie breath mints" at the pet food store really work?


Question: Do those "doggie breath mints" at the pet food store really work?
Bad breath in pets, especially dogs, is often joked about, but can be a serious health problem. Rarely is bad breath related to last night's dinner. Often, it is a sign of poor dental health that should be checked out with your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Answer: My main concern would be not how to cover up the bad breath, but rather to find out what is causing the foul odor in the first place. Tartar buildup, infected gums (gingiva), loose and diseased teeth, infected oral tumors, and some systemic diseases, such as kidney problems or diabetes, can cause a change in a pet's breath.

The most common cause of malodorous breath are tooth and gum problems. True, if your dog just snacked in the cat's litter box, temporary bad breath can result! A trip to your veterinarian will determine the cause of your pet's bad breath and if it is a medical issue that needs to be addressed. If your pet's gums and teeth are determined to be the cause, a dental cleaning will likely be recommended, followed by at home care and maintenance of the teeth and gums.

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