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Canine - General Veterinary Health Information

Information about canine health -- nutrition, diseases and conditions, reproduction, parasites and more. Learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy and how to prepare for veterinary emergencies. Please see All Disease & Parasite FAQs for additional articles on a variety of topics.
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Quiz: Top 5 Human Drugs - Toxic to Pets Or Not?
Many of the calls received at Pet Poison Helpline are about pets who have consumed human medications. Sometimes the pets consume the medications on their own, and sometimes owners unknowingly give their pets human medications that are toxic to dogs and cats. According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics report, released in April...

Derm Diary - the story of Asia and Simba
Lianne McLeod DVM, has written an extensive "diary" account of her two dogs who suffer from itchy skin and hair loss. Learn what is involved in a veterinary referral work up; how skin diseases are examined and ruled out, the topical medications, oral medications and special diets that veterinary dermatologists use to diagnose and help relieve itchy skin conditions due to allergies.

Derm Diary - 2 years later - an update on Asia and Simba
The Derm Diary was written by Lianne McLeod DVM about two of her dogs, Asia and Simba, two itchy dogs with skin allergies. Many viewers followed along, hopeful that there would be a "magic answer" at the end of the story, after visits with veterinary specialists and various medications. In this final update, Lianne gives viewers a recap of what they have tried and how her beloved dogs are doing t…

Book Review
Dogs can't speak, which can make it difficult to let us know where it hurts or how they are feeling. It is our duty to be their advocate when they need to see a vet. How do you find the vet that is 'right' for your pet, and what is the best way to get the message across?

New product press releases from Happy Dog Toys, a division of Farnam Companies Inc.
Happy Dog products (a division of Farnam Companies, Inc.) features fun-loving toys for dogs and their owners, in several different product lines. Learn about new product items in this dual press release from Happy Dog Toys.

Happy Dog® Toys Moves Into The Big Doghouse
Press: Happy Dog® Toys has relocated to its parent headquarters in downtown Phoenix. Since its acquisition in 2001, Happy Dog has operated as a separate business entity of Farnam Companies, Inc. To increase effectiveness and provide greater resources to customers, Happy Dog has joined the Farnam Pet Products division.

Links to information on mites, fleas, worms, and more.

Senior Dog Foods
As our dogs get older, their dietary needs change. They don't need as many calories as a younger dog, and may need some help with joint health and weight management. The definition of "senior dog" varies greatly with size and breed, but the general rule of thumb is dogs older than 7 or 8 years of age (older for small dogs, younger for large ones).

Have you switched your dog to a senior diet? How did you decide on this brand? What do you like about this food, and do you think it helps your dog?See submissions

How Do I Know If My DogIs Sick?
When to worry, and when to wait. Here are some dog health checklists to know if your dog is sick.

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