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Veterinary anatomy is the study of bones, muscles, organs and other structures that make up the body of dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows and other animals. Being familiar with your dog's and cat's normal anatomy helps when communicating with your vet and aids in the diagnosis of disease and congenital problems.

This section contains basic veterinary anatomy diagrams and photos to advanced veterinary student coursework lecture and quiz material.

  1. Horse Anatomy

Anatomy for the Pet Owner - Dogs and Cats
Anatomy of dogs and cats, including all major organ systems. This site is is easy-to-understand and interactive - click on the organ or anatomical structure of interest for more detailed information. From Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Online Anatomy Dissections
From the About.com Biology site - several species are available to "dissect" and learn about online.

Skeletal Anatomy of Various Species
Several large animal species covered (cattle, pig, sheep) and poultry skeletal anatomy as well. This page has several diagrams and photos in addition to text descriptions. From University of Guelph Animal and Poultry Science department.

Anatomically Correct - Cat
The online cat dissection. Not for the squeamish. This site is geared toward teachers and students, with online quizzes.

Anatomy Tutorial - Cat
Muscles and skeletal system of the cat, with quiz material for self tests.

Veterinary Anatomy - Online Learning and Resources
This is a very comprehensive site from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Click on the "site map" to see the full listing of topics and the faculty involved in this site.

Veterinary Anatomy Textbooks
Shop and compare prices on veterinary anatomy textbooks and learning aids for dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

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