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Hi All,
I would like to add my little story of Maude and her pix here.
Maude is a 5 month old Great Dane. On April 30th she experienced her first grand mal seizure. She was rushed to the emergency clinic where she was checked out, blood tests, etc. Everything was normal.

She did have a couple of seizures here and there and was placed on KBr*. Unfortunately her seizures began to cluster on May 22nd. I rushed her again to the emergency clinic where they did tests and administered Phenobarbital, she's been on the drug since.

On June 1st we saw a neurologist where she examined Maude and decided that we would give her Phenobarbital and KBr. The plan is to have her seizure free for 4 months and wean her off the Phenobarbital

So far, Maude has officially been seizure free for one month! I am very happy with the outcome and look forward to having her seizure free for the rest of her life. We are really hoping that she will grow out of this.

Three months to go... I will keep you posted!

I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their support and kind words in our time of need! THANK YOU!!!

- Skwiggy73

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* KBr = Potassium Bromide

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