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Feliway® Cat Pheromone Spray Now Available As A Plug-In
Veterinarian Recommended Product is Easy to Use and Calms Cats Naturally

Received 11-15-02
Contact: Gina DePinto (602) 664-1218

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Sept. 30, 2002) - When a cat rubs his face against you, he is using facial pheromones to communicate comfort and well being in his surroundings. If a cat is exposed to negative situations such as moving, hospitalization or introduction of another pet into the household, he may resort to marking objects with urine or scratching furniture to show his displeasure. This type of negative behavior is a challenge for pet owners and one of the most common reasons given for relinquishment of cats.

Careful observation of cats revealed that they do not leave urine marks on objects previously marked with facial pheromones. Six years ago, veterinarians introduced a synthetic version of these naturally occurring facial pheromones in a spray called Feliway®. The product mimics the feline's positive facial pheromones and can be used to calm the pet in stressful situations. When sprayed onto objects in the cat's environment, Feliway counteracts the animal's alarm pheromones and stops urine marking and vertical scratching.

Although the Feliway spray is highly effective, it must be sprayed twice daily for 30 days - a schedule that may be challenging to comply with. Now pet owners can take comfort in knowing that, even if they miss a day of spray, their cat can continue to reap the benefits of Feliway. The product is now available as a convenient plug-in.

The Feliway plug-in offers a no-hassle way for pet owners to calm their cats. Just attach the Feliway bottle to the plug-in diffuser, plug it into an electric socket in the room most used by the cat, and continue use for four weeks to ensure no relapse in marking behavior. One bottle of Feliway will cover a total surface area of 650-square-feet. Clinical studies with Feliway show a 95 percent success rate in reducing or eliminating spraying by cats.

"Spraying is one of the most common problems with cats, both male and female," says Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M., director of Animal Behavior Consultations (Kansas). "There can be several reasons for the behavior, from a new animal in the household to other changes in the home."

Hunthausen notes that pet owners should talk to their veterinarian when attempting to determine why cats are not using their litter boxes. "There are medical reasons why cats don't use their litter boxes," said Hunthasen. "You also need to rule out problems with the type of litter, the box's location and how often it's being cleaned."

Once these physical and environmental causes of urine spraying have been eliminated, Hunthausen recommends Feliway. "This product makes a cat more comfortable in its environment," he says. "Because cats detect a calming scent, the need to mark with urine is eliminated. For many cats, Feliway is a lifesaver."

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 10 million animals are relinquished to animal shelters every year, and half of them are euthanized. Many people bring their cats to shelters because they don't get along with other animals in the household and soil the house. Studies have shown that use of the Feliway plug-in results in a 70 percent reduction in urine spraying in multi-cat households.

Feliway spray remains a viable option for those transporting, boarding, or traveling with cats. When it is not possible to use the Feliway plug-in due to mobile situations, pet owners can apply Feliway Spray directly onto pet carriers and in new temporary surroundings to help calm their cats.

Not to discriminate against dogs, D.A.P.™, a dog appeasing pheromone plug-in, enters the market this fall. Feliway and D.A.P. plug-ins are marketed through veterinarians by Veterinary Products Laboratories, and through specialty pet retailers by Farnam Pet Products under the brand name Comfort Zone™ with D.A.P. and Comfort Zone™ with Feliway.

For more information about Comfort Zone Diffusers or Farnam Pet Products, go to farnampet.com or call toll free at (800) 234-2269. Veterinarians looking for information about D.A.P. and Feliway Diffusers or Veterinary Products Laboratories, go to vpl.com or call toll free at (888) 241-9545.


MSRP: Electric Diffuser with 48 ml vial: $39.99; 48 ml Refill Vial: $21.99.

Feliway® is a registered trademark of Ceva Santé Animale.
D.A.P.™ is a trademark of Ceva Santé Animale.

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