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What do you know about veterinary medicine?


The first quiz is archived as "A", and each quiz after as "B", "C", etc. The most recent quiz tops the list below. "Guest" denotes a guest quiz contributor.

If you have a question or topic that you would like to suggest for a future quiz, please submit it here.

Quiz PP - Veterinary Anatomy

Quiz OO - Chocolate Toxicity Quiz

Quiz NN - Questions from Veterinary FAQs and Terminology sections

Quiz MM - Questions from Veterinary Terminology section

Quiz LL - Fun Factoids from Recent FAQs, Glossary entries, and Top Picks articles!

Quiz KK - Fun Factoids from Recent FAQs

Quiz JJ - Fun Factoids

Quiz II - Pancreatitis

Quiz HH - Mad Cow Disease

Quiz GG - What Am I Used For?

Quiz FF - Fleas and Ticks

Quiz EE - Is It Poisonous?

Quiz DD - Veterinary Nutrition

Quiz CC - Veterinary Terminology

Quiz BB - Veterinary Acronyms

Quiz AA - Animal Breeds

Quiz Z - Fun Facts

Quiz Y - Veterinary Terminology (one guest question included)

Quiz X - General

Quiz W - Beat the Heat! (weather)

Quiz V - Pharmacology (drugs)

Quiz U - Veterinary Q & A

Quiz T -Parasitology: Ticks

*Guest - General

Quiz S - Parasitology: Fleas

Quiz R - General Starter

*Guest - Practitioner: Cardiology

Quiz Q - General

Quiz P - General Starter

*Guest - Practitioner

Quiz O- General Starter

*Guest - Practitioner

*Guest - Practitioner

Quiz N- General

Quiz M - General

Quiz L - Weights & Measures

Quiz K - Dermatology

Quiz J - General

Quiz I - Toxicology

Quiz H - Parasitology

Quiz G- Surgery

Quiz F - General

Quiz E - General

Quiz D - General

Quiz C - General

Quiz B - General

Quiz A - General

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