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Overview of this disease which can cause infertility and abortion in dogs. For more information on Brucellosis, please see Zoonotic Diseases.

Information on this protozoal intestinal parasite in an easy-to-understand question and answer (Q & A) format.

Excellent Q & A on this common intestinal parasite of dogs and cats, by Race Foster, DVM Marty Smith, DVM

Brief overview of this protozoan parasite.

Symptoms and prevention of this viral disease in dogs, and how to assess your pet's health. From the AVMA.

Brief overview of this viral disease, from Vets4Petz.com.

Detailed overview of canine distemper, with easy to read bullet points and bold emphasis, from the animalhealthchannel.com.

Informative and easy to understand article on Ehrlichiosis. This rickettsial disease is also known as "tracker dog disease", "canine hemorrhagic fever", and "tropical canine pancytopenia".

Good overview on this tick-transmitted disease and the treatment options and progosis.

Ehrlichiosis: New Developments
Very detailed article about Rickettsial organisms and specifically the Ehrlichia species.

An Overview of Canine Ehrlichiosis
From the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

How to protect your dog from this diarrhea-causing protozoan. (See also - Zoonotic Diseases for human health articles.)

Kennel Cough
Please visit the Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Diseases in Dogs section for more information.

Kennel Cough
The causative agents, signs, prevention, and treatment for Kennel Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis).

Kennel Cough
Kennel Cough discussion in a Q & A format.

Leptosporosis is a bacterial disease of animals and humans. Learn more about this disease from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Very detailed article about several species of Leptospira, what species of animals are affected, how Leptospirosis is diagnosed, what signs are seen, and how it is treated.

Lyme Disease Foundation
Excellent resource site for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases.

Lyme Disease Update
Information about the causative agents, treatment, and prevention of this tick-borne disease.

Parvovirus - Veterinary Q & A
Common questions about this virus - the signs of infection, how long it lasts in the environment, treatment of the disease, and more - answered here.

Parvovirus - General Overview
From Long Beach Animal Hospital. See how a fecal Parvo test is used, and what a positive result looks like.

Parvovirus - Information Center
Complete coverage of this virus, the disease, and treatment. From MarVista Animal Center.

What is Parvo?
Detailed viral information, by Wendy C. Brooks DVM, DABVP.

Parvovirus - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Parvovirus, from Working Dogs.

Informative Q & Aarticle on this killer disease, from the AVMA.

Several Q & A Parvo topics are covered in this collection.

Veterinary Q & A: Rabies
A detailed Q & A from your Guide on this viral disease that is transmissible to humans.

From the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Detailed information about the Rabies virus and disease, plus links to public health departments in the US.

Overview of this fatal zoonotic disease, including a Shockwave animation detailing rabies transmission to humans.

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