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Cancer in Cats & Dogs
Cancer glossary, treatment options and several photos of various cancers and diagnostic options in this excellent resource article from ThePetCenter.com.

Cancer in Cats
From the About.com Cats Guide: a list of resources for feline cancer information.

Cancer in Pets
A nice overview of diagnosis and treatment options for cancer patients.

Cancer Resources - Cats
Very informative and comprehensive site about all types of cancer and veterinary cancer therapy - including types of cancer, treatment options, various medical topics, side effects of treatment, nutritional issues, and end of life decisions.

Caring for Pets with Cancer
A valuable reference for pet owner and veterinarian alike. Click here for a listing of specific types of cancer.

Fibrosarcomas and vaccines
Why vaccines may be a concern for your cat, and what to watch for.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Oncology
Excellent site on cancer information, from three veterinary oncologists, including Dr. Kevin Hahn (Caring for Pets with Cancer).

Lymphoma in Cats
Discussion of lymphoma and intestinal lymphoma from VeterinaryPartner.com.

Lymphoma Nutritional Support
Using good nutrition to help fight cancer, from VeterinaryPartner.com.

Mammary Tumors in Dogs and Cats
Introduction, diagnostic information, treatment options and prognosis of mammary tumors in cats and dogs are discussed.

Links for articles on therapies, diet requirements, and quality of life issues when dealing with cancer in animals. Part of the larger human Oncolink site.

Vaccine Sarcomas
From Louisiana State University. Detailed descriptions on treatment options, geared toward Veterinarians.

Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force
Home page of the VAFSTF. Information on current news, research, and historical findings on the link between vaccinations and sarcoma formation.

VAFSTF Vaccine Site Recommendations
Vaccine Site Recommendations from the VAFSTF and American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Veterinary Cancer Society
The goal of the VCS is to promote communication, and to share information concerning cancer in animals.

MORE...for more links to certain types of cancers not listed here, please see the Dogs - Cancer

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