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Feline House Soiling Problems

Getting back to the box, continued...


What is the cat to litter box ratio?
As a general rule of thumb, it is good to have one litter box per 1-2 cats, and clean the litter boxes at least once daily.

Has there been anything or anyone new in your house?
Changes such as house guests, a new baby, remodeling, or a new pet can stress your cat. In some cats, this is obvious - hiding or skittish behavior. In other cats, they may not appear outwardly stressed, but may void urine out of the box to show their disapproval -- for example, urinating on your house guest's shoes. Stress and not voiding as often as usual can also lead to a bladder infection.

Feline urinary behavior and medical problems are complex topics. Contact your veterinarian if any changes in litter box habits are noted.

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