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Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM

Golden Retriever "Lifetime" Study at CSU

By January 23, 2013

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Dr. Rodney Page with Winston at CSU's Veterinary Teaching HospitalCancer is very common in dogs and cats; something veterinarians deal with on a daily or near daily basis. Now a study is starting to look at the lives of dogs and how they are affected by different types of cancer (or not).

The Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital has partnered with the Morris Animal Foundation to look at the lives of Golden Retrievers. Specifically, how this breed is affected by various cancers and other illnesses over their lifetimes.

The information gathered from this 10-15 year study will help improve the lives of other dogs and potentially humans too; by unlocking some of the mysteries of cancer causes and treatment.

From CSU:

Dr. Rodney Page, director of the Flint Animal Cancer Center, and a team at the Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation, the global leader in animal health science, are recruiting young, purebred golden retrievers for a groundbreaking effort to learn how to prevent cancer and other diseases in dogs. The goal is to enroll 3,000 dogs over the next two years. About 500 dogs are currently enrolled or in the process of completing enrollment requirements.

Learn more: about this study and apply to be part of this project at CanineLifetimeHealth.org.


World's First Long-term Study of Golden Retrievers Likely to Tell Scientists More about Cancer and Health in People (CSU News)

Photo: Dr. Rodney Page with Winston at CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital / Used with permission

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January 23, 2013 at 4:22 pm
(1) Yorkie Mommy says:

Not hard to figure, folks. Quit feeding toxic pet foods, over-vaccinating your pets and using toxic products on them like heartworm/flea preventatives. That’s like spraying Raid on your animal and you expect to harm from it? Switch to an all natural raw diet with raw meaty bones, a veggie, healthy oil (coconut or wild Alaskan salmon) and plain yogurt (no sugar, whole fat). The results – no cancer, liver/heart/kidneys disease or failure, almost no vet visits, and a much longer life for your small animals (20 years plus). Use holistic vets not conventional. They have so much more education and knowledge on what really works to restore or keep your pets healthy. You’ll never regret the switch.

January 29, 2013 at 2:26 pm
(2) Someone with actual medical education! says:

Yorkie mom… It is people like you who put the world’s population at risk and cause many sick animals by putting incorrect informaiton out into this world. In the time before manufactured foods (supported by longtime studies to determine the nutritional needs of animals), our pets didn’t live very long and died of very preventable diseases. The reason we are seeing more cancer in our pets (and in people too) is because pets are living longer and more diseases which used to kill animals can now be cured. Balance is important but trust me, as a doctor, we see just as many (if not more) animals on “all natural” lifestyles who end up with more problems (many of them nutritional) who die at younger ages, causing their owners to say “but I was all natural”. Worse yet, we see many kids coming in with diseases passed from thier pets and the parents saying “I had no idea”. People who have NO medical background should not be giving medical advice. Stick to your own salmonella laden lifestyle and leave the rest of the world alone!

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