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Foods Toxic to Pets - Macadamia Nuts

By December 5, 2012

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Macadamia nuts by jessicafm on FlickrMany people love macadamia nuts and they are a popular gift item. Many dogs like them too, but keep them out of reach from your canine friends - macadamia nuts may be toxic to dogs.

Like raisins and grapes (also toxic), the exact toxin and mechanism of action to cause signs of poisoning in some dogs are not known at this time.

Another similarity to grapes and raisins is that the individual sensitivity to macadamia nuts appears to vary between dogs as does the amount of nuts needed to cause a toxic reaction. Read this FAQ to  learn more about macadamia nut toxicity in dogs.

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Image: Macadamia nuts by jessicafm on Flickr

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