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Thundershirt Product Review

By May 2, 2011

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Sophie wearing the Thundershirt by Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVMThis dog-calming product is based in part on the work by Temple Grandin, noted author, Doctor of Animal Science, and professor at Colorado State University. The thought is that gentle pressure provided by this shirt calms the nervous system.

Does it work? I tried it on my own dog Sophie, who suffers from loud noise phobias.

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July 31, 2011 at 5:02 pm
(1) Kevin says:

“Does it work? I tried it on my own dog Sophie, who suffers from loud noise phobias.”


You tried it but said nothing after?
Any REAL science behind it or research results?
Or is this another fake product?

July 31, 2011 at 5:55 pm
(2) Vetmedicine Guide says:

Yes, it works for my dog Sophie and for many other dogs with noise phobias. As with anything, each dog/noise phobia case is different.

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Thundershirt Product Review

November 23, 2011 at 11:10 pm
(3) pink07005 says:

I didn’t believe all the hype, but I’m really astonished, yes astonished I said, this thing is amazing, but it scared me becuz I just don’t get it, it has like magical powers or what for example my dog has been with us 3 weeks and I’m housewife with no kids yet, so basically my pup is with me alomst 24/7 for the last 3 weeks, sleeps with me and goes i the car with me etc…Yeah, I know…., creating a monster, but anyhow, my anytime I get up off the couch, he follows and so my hubby and I needed some alone time ya know? So he was scratching the door, howling, crying, whining like the end of the world was coming, I threw o the thundershirt and put him on the couch and he toppled over like he was doped up and fell out asleep, I was sure he’d still follow me back into the bedroom as I lwalked away as always and nope, he watched me keep walking leaving him all alone and didn’t even look at me twice, then 20 minutes later I was like holy crap no scratching, crying or howline, I go check on him his still in the same spot, the part that scared me is, I pick him up, since he had been laying down and stood him up as he’d normally stand and he did not even TRY to remain standing and just let himself go limp, like he was unable to even try to stay up, now is that extreme relaxation or how is this happening…I never seen a dog just go limp in the legs and kinda roll over and fall asleep and yes it only happens when he has the thundershirt on and No its not hurting him or cutting off and blood, its by his choice becuz if he didn’t like the feeling of it or it was bothering him, he’d could still whine, or show some discomfort, but it like the opposite he’s just limp with extreme relaxation and falls out…Has this extreme happened to anyone else’s dog and is this like good or too much???

December 6, 2011 at 11:46 pm
(4) Barbara Axel says:

Well, we were using the 30 minute down for our students since 1978. And we did not invent it. The distressed dog is gently placed and held on its side by owner for that amount of time. Dog initially fights being held on its side, then calms down, then often falls asleep. A vet using this method actually was able to measure the pulse slow down. This is actually a hug by the owner and works as well as or better than a thunder shirt with no outlay of cash.

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