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Cat Spraying Indoors

By May 28, 2010

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Talk to Me by Zanastardust on FlickrVetMed forum member Kiwipie writes:

"I'm having a problem with my indoor 2 year old , male neutered cat.  In the last few months he has been backing up into furniture around my home and shaking his tail.  At first nothing came out , so I didn't think much of it, but in the last month he has been spraying urine.

I have taken him to the vet.  He suggested that he is reacting to stress and the fact that a neighbor's cat is outside my house and probably spraying his territory in my yard.  He prescribed Feliway Diffusers (I bought 4), medication, and keeping the windows closed.  It has been slightly better with the windows closed and the diffusers.

I am concerned that the house is acquiring an odor.

The vet's other idea was to make him an outdoor cat.  I am not comfortable with that, and it is actually against village rules.  We have foxes, coyotes, and other cats.  There are ticks, fleas, and cars.  He will be begging to come in, especially in the rains, winds, and winter storms.    This is not something I am willing to deal with.

Has anyone had SUCCESS with stopping a cat completely from spraying.  Will all of these efforts (diffusers, meds, clean up materials) prove success so that I can keep my cat?

The obvious final alternative is euthenasia, or a 'farm,' but I'm not ready to accept defeat at this time.  However, one can not leave this go for too long, in an effort to rescue the house and furniture from permanent staining and smells."

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If your cat is urinating (or defecating) outside the box
The first thing to do whenever your cat is having "litter box problems" is to make an appointment at the vet's to rule out a medical problem, as this viewer did. Here are some additional resources for cat litter box issues.

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November 7, 2013 at 3:08 am
(1) Sonya says:

Am i the only one that thinks this poor cat is in the wrong home?? His owner has had him 2 years and actually stated they would resort to euthanization killing this sweet little animal just because its began to spray in their home…. some people say they want a loving furry friend but then they become an inconveinence to the ownets because they are only doing what they are born to do . Its all over the internet that if we take responsibility at the beginning and spay or neuter our animals that we probly wont even have them spraying in the first place. But again they are natural native animals to their kin from the wild. They dont know any better, but from research they can try to be trained or deterred from doing it. Please dont use your last resort as you put it and kill an innocent animal just because they dont know any better and its an inconveinence to have to clean more. Ease give him a chance…. please give him the gift of life…. if not then please find him another home that will love him “unconditionally” as he does to you… please

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