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Dog Sick From Eating Bra

By October 21, 2008

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Crawford the Brittany  Veterinary Pet InsurancePet guardians can never be too cautious, in my opinion. Last month I wrote about odd and interesting cases; stories that are both interesting and entertaining. Cases like this are fun to learn about, and serve as good warnings about just what animals are capable of!

Veterinary Pet Insurance keeps a monthly tally of of these types of cases, and awards the Hambone Award to the most unusual case. The latest press release details the August Hambone winner: the story of Crawford, a two-year-old Brittany spaniel (photo at right) who ate part of his owner's bra, consuming the gel inserts.

A episode of gastrointestinal trouble sent Crawford to the vet after the gel insert ingestion. A veterinarian-prescribed diet helped Crawford back to health.

From the press release: "I was running late for work and changing and I didn't shut the drawer all the way," said Tara Claxton of Camp Hill, Pa. "When I got home from work, half the bra was gone. The veterinarian said there was no blockage, but that the gel from the pads may have been mildly toxic. He put Crawford on a special diet and after a few weeks all of the bra passed and his appetite returned. Needless to say, all my bras are tucked away in a drawer and won't be left out again."

Honorable mentions in August included a pug that required antibiotics after drinking from a portable restroom that had been tipped over, a Labrador that ate a two-pound chocolate cake, a dog that was hit by a running 90-pound dog, and a dachshund who got mixed up in a fight with a skunk. All pets considered for the award made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for eligible expenses.

Sometimes animals create the situation (eating things they shouldn't!), and sometimes they find themselves in a dangerous situation such as tangling with a skunk or getting "run over" by another dog. Either way, being aware of the many possibilities keeps pet lovers on their toes.

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Photo credit: Crawford the Brittany spaniel Veterinary Pet Insurance

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