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JAKEPATCH asks: "I have a 9 year old sweet cat that has kidney disease, mild. Recently he has been skipping the litter box, and peeing on anything. No one can give me any life expectancy information at the vet, or tell me anything to help this issue that has worked. Do I put him to sleep and prevent years of urinary tests, blood tests, medicines...due to his kidney disease, do I keep him in one area of the house only? I am at a loss and running out of time with my husband on coming up with a solution."


August 11, 2008 at 8:09 pm
(1) Ewa says:

Dear Jakepatch,
I just lost my cat today. She was 16 years old but also have a kidney failure which also made her blind. I guess question is how much you love your cat? What your vet is saying? Are you prepare to spend some money to find out? Maybe some medication will help him.
Ask yourself these questions, observe your cat and ask some questions to your vet. Then you will know what to do. In case you decide to put him/her to sleep please be with him/her and hold him/her in your arm to show how much you love him/her.
Take care,

September 6, 2008 at 8:23 am
(2) Linda says:

We just put our 16 year old cat to sleep 3 weeks ago from the kidney failure disease. We had been battling this disease for over 3 years, but, knew what the end result would be. Our cat would not eat at times and drank water constantly. He would pee a lot, too. He began to lose weight and in the end, he lost all use of his leg muscles and became blind the day we put him down. If we had to go over the last few years, I’m not sure we would have put him through all the suffering, but, because we are humans, we cling to hope that something can be done. We used the subcutaneous fluids via needles which did not work….he fought violently. All the money in the world will not keep your cat from dying from this disease. It is a terminal type of cancer. But, I agree with the previous comment…..love him until the end and be with him when you decide to put him down. We did and are so glad we did. Our cat’s end came very quietly with a strong dose of morphine before the final injection. You could look at our cat and just tell he was tired of fighting the disease and we felt we had done everything we could do for him. It is an expensive experience with the vets to try to save cats who have this disease, but, in the end, there is no cure. Good luck and hug your kitty as much as you can and DO NOT FORGET to take LOTS OF PICTURES so you will have something to enjoy after he is gone.

December 4, 2008 at 12:27 am
(3) Linda says:

I am quite saddenened by the dire comments seen here….and my cat has enjoyed a high quality of life for the last two years, with proper diet, Pepcid, and Sub-Q, which he does not mind to have once-twice per week….my guide was his quality of life…it’s a lot easier to give up and euthanize, but with a little effort, your cat could regain his joy and outlook, mine did. It’s natural for them to seem quite ill at first, b/c of dehydration and imbalances…but give him a couple weeks to three weeks of treatment before deciding…I’m so glad I did. After three weeks, if he is suffering, then euthanize, but only as a last resort. My cat became brighter within a week, and with a little effort and a little extra money, he is doing well. He means enough to me to go the extra step. You can purchase from Waggintails and subQ supplies online to save cost. Check out Tanya’s website for info on cat renal disease. Best of luck.

January 31, 2009 at 2:11 am
(4) Jack says:


May 20, 2009 at 10:30 am
(5) Grace says:

Dear Jakepatch, I had a cat with urinary problems that was put to sleep last week. I miss my poor little baby so much, but sometimes I wonder if I should have had him put to sleep at the very outset of the problem, rather than at this time, a year later, after all the suffering we’ve gone through. Not only did the poor baby suffer but my husband & I suffered right along with him. I don’t want to sound negative, but if I ever get another cat which is diagnosed with this kind of problem again, I think I would have it put to sleep right away. I just would not be able to see another cat bear it again, and I wouldn’t be able to bear it again either! If you think your cat is happy, comfortable & playful right now, then maybe give him some more time to enjoy his life. But if his health & happiness declines, I think you shouldn’t feel any guilt about putting the poor creature to sleep before he really becomes depressed and goes through a lot of pain.

February 4, 2013 at 10:47 pm
(6) Lucy says:

I will be puting my Cat Spike to sleep, HE HAS KIDNEY FAILURE HE HAS BEEN A AWESOME CAT. I WON’T FORGET THE DAY HE WALK RIGHT INTO MY MY HOUSE AND BECAME PART OF THE FAMILY, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH BUT I KNOW HE WILL BE WITH GOD AND ALL MY OTHERS aniamls that I have lost and u bet i will hold him as he goes to sleep. knowing he won’t be suffering anymore. . Lucy

October 3, 2013 at 10:29 pm
(7) Paul says:

My cat is 19 1/2 and was fine until 2 days ago. She started puking violently and wasn’t eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom. She is normally a very happy and smart cat and became one of the family early on. She waits by the door when I leave the house and she follows me around everywhere. Everytime I sit down, she jumps on my lap and purrs. She sleeps with me every night and loves me and I love her. She is a great cat and such a sweetheart. We took her to the vet when she was puking yesterday and they felt her kidneys and said she has kidney failure. I lost my job a while back and don’t have any income coming in, so the $2000 blood test wasn’t possible. Two days later she is just lying here with her eyes open and not moving much. She still hasn’t made a bowel movement and she wants to go but she can’t. She gets up to drink some water but falls right back down and just stares at me. I’m devestated and torn with the decision to put her to sleep. I keep reading all these stories online about people who gave their cat treatment and they got better. I want to do that but I can’t afford it and it’s haunting me. I’m really worried I’m making this worse but she was fine 2 days ago and I’m trying to convince my friends/family to loan me the money but I’m not having any luck. I seriously think I’m gonna have to put her to sleep tomorrow because I’m afraid she’s in pain, but I’m not 100% sure. What if I’m making the wrong decision and I put her to sleep too soon? I’m torn and really sad for my little kitty. I hope putting her to sleep is the right thing because if she is still like this tomorrow, I’m gonna have to put her under just because I don’t want to her to suffer. I wish it wasn’t so expensive for treatment or my kitty would be OK.

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