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FOX99836 writes: "My husband and I learned in April that our dog, Lady, has untreatable cancer all through her body. When our vet saw the report for the ultrasound, she thought we'd only have her for maybe a week - so she's really a trooper. Still very happy and waggy and totally loving her one walk a day. It's been an emotional roller coaster for me over these 5 months. Is there anyone out there that has dealt or is dealing with the same thing? I have supportive friends and a wonderful husband, but this has been way harder to deal with than I had ever imagined. Any words of wisdom or advice would be welcome."


September 15, 2007 at 4:05 pm
(1) fran milo says:

carinig for a beloved pet with cancer just rips your heart out. ..i had adopted a tiny little rescue chihuahua,10 years old, and saved from a kill shelter.. her name was emma…. after one very happy year at home i noticed that she was developing a very swollen lymph node gland one one side of her neck… after a final test which reveald a cancer, emma and i fought the good fight… i gave her hospoice care at home,was able to give her morphine which cancelled the p ain, took some great pictures of her, cried and knew when it was time…. i took her to the vet… he said it was time… i held her, covered her eyes so she wouldn’t be afraid and i said good bye to her… she went immediately… all you can do is love them, medicate them so they will have no pain… and they know… they really know.. you will know when the times comes and it will not be easy but it is the right thing to do…. the love of your pet carries you through the hard parts…. and then go out and rescue another dog right away… the same breed… i found another tiny little rescue chihuahua, on the chopping block to be killed… and one year later little mi is a happy little doggie… good luck… my prayers are with you…fm.

September 19, 2007 at 6:37 pm
(2) Betsy Hays says:

My heart goes out to you. I lost my golden retriever to cancer almost 6 years ago and it still hurts to think about it and how much we still miss him. Where I live we have a vet who makes house calls and when it was time to let him go she came to the house to put him to sleep. She took him away with her and arranged for the cremation. If you can arrange that where you live, I highly recommend it. Way less stress for your dog as well as for you. You can never replace your beloved Lady but a new golden has really helped fill the void left in our lives. My thoughts are with you.

September 24, 2007 at 12:15 pm
(3) lillian doisher says:

God bless the both of you. My Keishound/Corgie has been diagnoised 12 days ago with insulinoma. I need a vet that has experience in treating this. If anyone out there knows a vet, please let me hear from you at ldoisher@cox.net.
Thank you kindly.

October 5, 2007 at 1:44 pm
(4) scampbell says:

I feel your pain as I am going through a similar situation. I have a 12 1/2 yr old lab mix with cancer in the mouth area and it appears it has spread to the lungs. I have cried daily since his diagnosis. ( 1 1/2 weeks). He appears to be in good spirits at times. At other times he is resting from the pain medicine. As long as his quality of life remains this way, I intend to care for him as best as possible. You and your pet will be in my prayers.

October 23, 2007 at 9:46 pm
(5) Nichole Muscarella says:

I am dealing with a similar situation. My dog Codi (101/2 year old golden retriver) was diagnosed on 9/28/07 with cancer. The vet feels it is cancer of the blood vessels which is a very aggressive cancer. Since he has been diagnosed it has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I cry at the drop of a hat but I cant cry in front of him because he gets upset L I don’t feel as though many people that surround me such as co workers and even some friends understand how hard this is to deal with.
The hardest thing I do every day is leave the house for work not knowing if he will be there to greet me when I get home. Codi has been doing great since he was diagnosed. He has cancer in the spleen, liver and lungs and you would never even know he is sick by looking at him. I brought him to the vet because on 9/28 he collapsed while out for his morning walk and would not get up. I was not with him when this occurred a family member of mine was though. They rushed him to the vet and called me. I work an hour from home and that drive home was the longest of my life. I had so many regrets and just prayed that I would get a chance to say goodbye or hold him again. I was very fortunate that he was having a gallbladder attack and responded well to the antibiotics and was able to come home the next day. The vet told me that he will have good days and bad. So far he has only had 2 bad days and that was right after he came home from the vet. He appears to be happy and not in pain and I feel I am blessed to have every day with him that I have had. I am however not sleeping at all. Every time I fall asleep I have awful vivid nightmares of him dying.
I am afraid of the road that lies ahead because I want to do what is right by him as I am sure you want to do for your dog. Maybe we call all help each other thru this difficult time as we all seem to understand what each other is going thru. I just keep trying to educate on all of this. Codi goes in on Halloween for a follow up ultrasound to see how much it has spread in the past month.
I will keep you updated. My thoughts and prayer are with you at this difficult time

July 24, 2008 at 1:46 am
(6) Bob says:

I share your grief. A year ago we had to put down our first golden. Luckily or not we didn’t have much time to think about it, we were told that we had to make a decision right away because he had a tumor the size of a volley ball in his stomach. He had been favoring one leg for a couple of weeks and after a very long night of comforting him because of his whining we did the right thing and put him down. A year later(April 08) we found out that our other golden had lymphoma and has about three months left. Right now she has gone past three months and we are dealing with the day to day issue of wondering if today is the day. Luckily the chemo treatments seem to be putting off the inevitable. I don’t know which is worse, knowing that you have to make the decison today or knowing that you have to make the decision one day in the future.

November 9, 2008 at 8:46 am
(7) Annette says:

My husband and I just found out or 10 year old Akita has a large tumor in her cheek already has gone thur her bone. The vet stated that she will be in pain within the next 2 weeks. We do not know what to do. We do not want her to suffer with this, we are leaning towards putting her down. We do not know if this is the right decision, our hearts are breaking we tear up everytime we see her we do not want her to suffer.

December 19, 2008 at 5:13 pm
(8) Russ says:

I too am living through this situation. My dog Sam is a 10 year old German Shepherd and it has to be said the biggest gentle giant I know. Fearsome to look at but there isn’t a vicious bone in his body.

Diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a cancer fedd by blood.

Having had a few dogs in the past and knowing the pain of losing your best friend I share my sympathies with anyone going through this situation.

Care for your dog at this time. Spend all the time you can with them. Most importantly of all, do what is right for the dog. DO NOT let them suffer, you may wish to keep them around for as long as possible but do not let them suffer. It’s not humane.

January 16, 2009 at 4:36 am
(9) SGS says:

My heart goes out to each one of you. I had four dogs, and two cats. I’ve had eight dogs all together over the course of my life.

Six years ago I rescued a most beautiful smart dog, which we named Whitney, he was two then, when I was looking for a puppy and one kitten. The staff said this dog was so amazing, and couldn’t believe he was left at the shelter. He was left because he loved to run, and they kept him on a chain or in a kennel all the time. When he could get away, he ran – of course. He was part Aussie Shepard and Part Golden Ret. He was two when we got him.

He quickly became my dog. In Nov he had been following me around constantly and always in my way – which was totally weird, because this dog was “stealth.” He was the smartest dog I had ever seen, and exceptionally trained. He was Lassie – I’m telling you! He would even herd the small breeds back when they ran off.

After two weeks of the constant standing or walking in front of me, which I stupidly didn’t get, I realized something was wrong. He started panting, and when I checked him (on a Tues) over – throught the long hair, I found a tumor as hard as concrete. I immediately took him in, and they did some biopsies, but said the blood was fine, and nothing showed in the tumor. More were scheduled. On Fri, I left him at the Vets. Mid-day she called and said, no to the biopsy and she was doing an xray. The news was devastating and he had tumors all through his lungs.

We went as a family and took the companion dog, a Lab, with us. The dog I found at the Vet was half the dog I had left in the am. We had to put him to sleep, so he wouldn’t suffer, but it was the hardest one I have ever done. I adored this dog like a person – we had connected so completely, I was devastated.

He had no symptoms and kept wagging his tail through it all. The last few nights, he didn’t want to lie down, just stand and pant. That said he was really suffering to me. We had no warning, other than he was following me everywhere which I didn’t get.

The Vet said there was nothing we could have done. It was like the agressive cancers people get when they are dead within a few weeks.

The only way I can look at this is that I gave him 10 acres at two locations, home and summer property to live out his dream of running as much as he wanted and in return he gave me so much love and help with the other animals, it was a perfect union. God Bless all of you who have had to go through this same trauma.

SGS in Washington

February 6, 2009 at 6:36 am
(10) hazel knapp says:

i had to have my dogue-de-bordeaux Cairo put to sleep 2 wks ago-he had lymphoma and he was 4.5 years old. I knew it was the right thing morally but emotionally im in bits. He made no fuss and thats what I cant stop thinking about- him just sitting down waiting-mind you thank God he did couldent bear for him to have struggled. I miss him so much- I cry and talk to him- I still find his hair when I hoover-its the small things that keep your heart broken This grief is real and I think people who arent animal lovers really dt understand just how broken people get.I really try to think of the lvly times and I know this initial pain will subside but loss is part of the package of love I ges and at the end of the day I loved him so much and regardless of the outcome he gave me so much and I was privilidged to have had him and that I WOULDENT CHANGE. In memory of my Cairo and what I did 2 wks ago was the last gift of love and respect I could give you x

March 9, 2009 at 1:32 pm
(11) Donna says:

I found on February 16 that my boy Bailey, yellow lab beagle mix had a bad mast cell tumor…this was not the first but it would be the last. He had a torn acl but my vet said no need to worry to fix. My boy was on pain meds and within 2 weeks…he got worse I couldn’t touch him he did not want to be near me. He would cry if you touched him and he would go stiff. He still loved his walks but it the pain would start all over again. I decided to let him go…I could not stand to see the pain and hurt in his eyes. It has been 5 days and I miss him sooooo much. I know I did the right thing for him and me BUT I feel so sick.

April 3, 2009 at 4:31 am
(12) Greg says:

I am facing the same situation. My 12 year old golden retreiver was diagnosed with uncurable cancer a week ago. He was given 1-3 weeks to live. I now cherish every extra day past a week ago with him. I hear he will give me the signs it is time to put him down, or that he can’t walk or eat, I hope this is true. So far he seems happy sleeping most of the time and going out on regulated trips. I want hime to live happy and also want to make his end at the right time. I pray and trust he will help me with this.

April 28, 2009 at 12:22 pm
(13) Anna says:

It’s not easy knowing your loved 4-legged baby has cancer. I had to say goodbye to my 12 year old lab/ret mix beloved baby who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma 3-1/2 months ago. He collapsed one day and surgery was performed to control his internal bleeding and the surgeon removed 40% of his liver, but the cancer was still present on the other parts of his liver. We opted for chemo, but on his 4th visit, the Oncologist said the cancer had spread to his lungs and only had 1-3 weeks to live. The next day he got tired, his stomach got large from bleeding internally again so we thought it was time. Then the next day he got back up and was back to his normal self. His body was able to re-absorb the blood loss. We did notice his breathing was sometimes labored and his breathing sounds were muffled. Two weeks later, he got tired again so we thought he was going through another episode and would recover…but that wasn’t the case this time. He was able to move around and eat for 3 days, but on the 4th day he wouldn’t eat and could barely stand. The next day, he didn’t even want water and was totally unresponsive with his sad, droopy eyes. We knew he was trying to tell us something…he couldn’t fight his battle with cancer anymore. It was a very hard decision for us to make but we couldn’t be selfish just to keep him around…we had to do what was best for him. Now he’s on the other side of the rainbow.

June 21, 2009 at 7:08 am
(14) Julie says:

Hi, I have become very close to my partner’s 4 german shepherds. I love them so much. One of them has been recently diagnosed with bone cancer and in the last few weeks has developed a bad limp in 2 legs. He still seems happy and is eating regularly. I keep thinking he’ll get better somehow and I treat him like the alpha dog that he is. However, I have noticed that his brother is starting to exert dominance with him by nudging him out of the way, low growls… things he would never do before. I scold him when this is done because I don’t want there to be a fight given the weak state of the one. Is this normal? What should I do?

I want to smother my pup with cancer but I don’t want to make the other dogs unnecessarily jealous. Am I being ridiculous?

June 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm
(15) myra williamson says:

I have MY BEST FRIEND Pup 2 he has cancer after all most 4 grand and a broken heart, I am told he has cancer, that. is some where unknown, but has spread, and he is not not treatable, except cemo, and that made him , so very sicker, that I will not do that to him again. He is an 8 year old Boston Terrier and he lovers me unconditionally! I am having a hard time here . You said something about hospice, care? I am having a hard time geting him pain under control , any sugestions?

July 17, 2009 at 10:50 pm
(16) kate says:

our almost 11 year old sheltie was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with epitheliatrophic lymphoma,and we have been told that this is basically untreatable. so far, she has been a little more subdued recently, which we had attributed to having lost her companion sheltie this past february. right now, we are just trying to keep rosie comfortable, and happy. it is just so hard to know when to call it for her. right now i don’t think it is time, but we don’t want her to suffer if she doesn’t have to.
i can feel so much for all of you that have loved and lost a wonderful dog, it is just so hard on everyone.

September 15, 2009 at 5:29 pm
(17) Sylvia Green says:

I understand where your heart is at this momentand you will be in ny thoughts. My husband and I have a beautiful 5 year old Rotweiller named Flower. She is the love of our life and gives us so much joy. We moved to Nicaragua, leaving family and our 7 dogs are now family and best friends here.

Flower had her back leg amputated a few months ago and the we along with the vet were hopeful that Flower was cancer free as ultra sounds and x-rays did not show any other signs.

However a couple of months later a mass appeared on her rib cage, this was removed and before the hair grew back another one presented itself.

With other symptons presenting, out vet said we should not do anymore surgeries and let her have fun filled days and lots of love.

We have chosen this route because I do not want her to suffer or go through months of treatment as Flower’s doctor feels she has cancer throughout, especially her bones.

Keep your spirits up and try to remember all the fun times with your little one. I have cried, been angry and thought possibly this was a mistake but it is reality and we will deal with it as difficult as it is.


November 30, 2009 at 5:14 pm
(18) Michelle says:

My spectacular, most genious, devoted, beloved Golden turned 8 years old on October the 11th. I found out Saturday that he has cancer. We have sent off to see what stage it is at and if it has traveled through his body. It was a gulf ball size tumor on his cheek that I just thought (from friends) was a fatty tumor and harmless. Now, I cry all day every day. Does anyone know how long I might still have with my “world”. I love him so so very much, it is killing me to think of loosing him.

Broken Hearted

August 8, 2010 at 3:20 am
(19) caroline says:

Hi my heart goes out to all of you. My lhaso apso Lucy is 9 months old and we have just found out that she has got cancer of the lymph nodes. she isnt very well in herself, she is lethargic with no appetite and she has lost loads of weight, it feels awful stroking her because i can feel all her bones. what an awful illness, she is only a baby.. i feel the prognosis is bleak, we get the full blood history and biopsy results in a couple of days x

August 14, 2010 at 9:01 pm
(20) Rob in Toronto says:

Yesterday, Friday 13th of August, Murphy, my 14 yr old Wheaton, my best buddy, went to sleep forever. never have I felt such sharp grieving emptiness; i knew it was going to be hard but not like this. He had a cancerous bladder tumour and was peeing blood all summer. Although otherwise ‘normal’ I was told by many he was in a lot of pain, and relieving him of this was the humane and right thing to do. Be aware, being with him during the process seemed like a good idea, but his face now haunts me. He knew.

August 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm
(21) natalie says:

can someone please help me and my little louis, he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and i cant take it hes only six and he is my life we love eachother sooo much he has helped me get through all my hard times when i have been ill he has always made me fell better and i want to do the best for him. does anyone no of any other treatment for him appt from steroid injections and tablets, he is still very active and dont appear to be in pain but everytime the injections wear off the lumps treble in size again im going to keep taking him for the injections on a 2 week regular basis. he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago please please please help us. n.thomas01@sky.com

September 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm
(22) jackie says:

my husband and I are dealing with the same thing our ozzy was given 2-3 months,this is the end of the 3rd month and is still loving his daily walks but we are seeing the changes in slower movements, tires easy and some nights is a little restless. We struggle with how to say good bye and make that final choice. I wish you lots of luck and all i can offer is I have loved him up more than ever and have no regrets due to the loving memories he is leaving us with:(

November 19, 2011 at 9:31 am
(23) nita says:

I just found out yesterday that my babie has cancer and maybe have 2-4 wks. I almost couldnt get off the doctors floor. As I was holding him and crying to the point that I didnt hear or see anything but him in my arms.
My heart is breaking. I cant stand the fact that I cant do anything for him.
But when we got home from the Vets and the trip is 15- 20 minutes from home but it seem to last an hour or more, I mourned a bit more then I saw Harley looking sad. So I knew then I couldnt let him see me sad. It was up setting him and I was worried that this will make him worst.
I went into cooking mode. Harley and the rest of my 4/legged kids had the beat dinner. Homemade veggie soup.
This morning we had pancakes and turkey susage. I have boiled up chicken for dinner. We are having chicken & rice.
Yes Harley is only going to eat dog food when he walks over to the bowl to eat it.
It also might be that the doctor said that when he stops eatting and drinking and cant seem to walk anymore then it is time to bring him back.
So I guess me feeding him good & healthy people food (that he is not so use to) that he will keep on eatting for me. You know what I mean?
I have taken so many pics of him since yesterday. Even though my family tells me all the time that I already take too many of the kids.
I live by myself and they are my life. He was a rescue. We all sleep , eat and live close together. I have had Harley for 8 yrs. He is a gentle lamb. Huskey/shepard.
I love him and I feel my sadness all thru out my body. I cant this feeling inside me. This is just so sad for him. If he could only tell me how he feels and what he needs and want. If only !
God Bless you all and all the sadness you are going thru. God Bless all our 4/legged kids.

January 22, 2012 at 10:12 am
(24) Jacob says:

I have black retriever, 7 1/2 years of agree, has been diagnose with lymphoma B cell type. Same with me– crying almost daily and at the same time almost forget he has the cancer because he is so energetic. He is current going through chemo but last week found out the the chemo is shrinking the size of the lymph nodes but not putting it into remission so right now he is in rescue mode, which mean he is on a particular chemo drug every 2 weeks to keep the lymphoma down until the drug doesn’t work anymore due to chemo resistance. I’m praying everyday that my dog hold strong and that I hold strong during these times. Not many people can do this and this is a strength that we learn to develop so that we are able to serve our babies well. We are all doing the best we can to love our babies and we have to acknowledge that . . . realize that our babies know when we are doing our job right at pet advocates and pet owner. Good luck on this journey.

February 20, 2012 at 1:56 pm
(25) tracy says:

I have just found out my 6 year old jack russell has a mast cell tumour and she is going to have it removed tommorrow. i love her so much and hope she gets through it ok .x

October 24, 2012 at 12:24 am
(26) BARBARA says:

my Sally was just diagnosed with lymph0sarcoma She is the best dog ever( i know we all feel that way) I truely was blindsided . she had a little lump on her neck that I was told 3 months ago was cyst no bid deal. I have 3 grandchildren who have grown up with her , we couldnt ask for a better dog Saly is Corgi & Bassett ( pure breed) haha and I NEED to know how to care for this precious dog ,she is only 9 and I wouldnt put her through cemo It is about her not me and I just want her to be comfortable ALWAYS Im lost I love her soooooo much I just want to do the right thing somebody help me please thank u

April 2, 2013 at 1:53 am
(27) Sharon says:

My beloved dog Lady has been diagnosed with Cancer. She turned 15 at Christmas and has had a wonderful life. The vet estimates she has about 3-6 months left, so the only thing we can do for her is make these months the best ever. I’ve been fortunate to have not have to work the past 12 months and I count my blessings that we have had this time together. She supported me with the loss of my cat Shari 2 years ago, but this time I won’t have that support. I keep getting teary, but I need to toughen up for her. She deserves to have a happy mum as long as she is around, she’s such a sweet girl, everyone who meets her falls in love. The thought that she will be together again soon with her little best friend Shari is what keeps me positive.
Life is too short for our lovely little family members, but the love they give in the time we have them is worth more than words can say.

July 2, 2013 at 1:12 am
(28) Anita says:

My purest feelings and prayers are with you. Please try reiki treatment. It is painless and of great heip.Two years back my doggy suddenly developed a lump on her hind leg. The vet told me he was 100% sure it was cancer. That day onwards I started prayers and spiritual healing for her in my own way. Both the biopsy reports were negative. The benign tumor is still there. But I am working on it. I learnt reiki for my doggy. It is working. My doggy is much more active and happy now. With God’s grace the impossible is possible. From my side I will do distance healing for your doggy and for you as well.
Love, peace and light.

July 2, 2013 at 4:53 pm
(29) gwennie's mom says:

My Gwennie was always a great eater until February of this year.She is a 10 year old retired racing greyhound, and the sweetest girl ever.After perfect bloodwork and tests, an xray showed a mass; had it biopsied and it is a malignant histiosarcoma. I have had 2 people doing reiki for her, and just contacted both of them, as she seems to be declining somewhat.I have been doing homeopathic treatment, and have also had an animal communicator talk to her.I lost my other greyhound last year at age 6 from intestinal cancer surgery, so I elected to do homeopathic treatment this time.Her legs seem to be slipping at times , the vet says that is arthritis.She is on a natural supplement for that now, plus the natural medicines.It’s killing me. It is just killing me that I can’t just give her a bowl of yogurt and it will be all right.You are all in my prayers; I totally understand how hard this is.

September 23, 2013 at 7:01 pm
(30) Blaine says:

I have never cried so much as I have today reading so many heart breaking stories, My 10 yr old black lab, Babe, has been disagnosed with spindel cell sarcoma on her side. Some say she has had a good life and I should let nature take it course, and put her to sleep when she suffers……some say I should have the tumor removed, change her diet, hope for the best……I have gotten past the cost but feel I may be doing this for my own selfish reasons….I just don’t want to let her go….I just want her to have the best life I can give her. It is so hard…..

December 17, 2013 at 5:24 pm
(31) norma says:

This is my second dog that has been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. I used chemotherapy with the first. Dante was a rescue. He lived 6 more months. Was the chemo worth the side effects? I am grateful for the time that I had with him, but I just cannot do this to my Silkie. I will let him go when it is time. In the meantime, we still take our walks. I want him to know that I loved him for every moment of joy that we shared.

December 30, 2013 at 11:34 am
(32) Jo says:

I am currently nursing my beloved 12yr old spaniel at home. Diagnosed with lymphoma 2 weeks ago, I elected to try chemotherapy, even though she is stage 4 (tumours everywhere and fluid in lungs). She is very, very poorly. Although the chemo seems to be working, she developed complications and will not eat. She spent over a week in hospital, was out for Christmas, then back in. She did not fare well away from home and I am glad that she is home, even though I am anxious about caring for her (so many meds and trying to get food into her). I cry constantly but find it hard to ‘let her go’ when the vet tells me there is hope and while she still wants a belly rub. She gets restless, and I know she is in pain at times. I’m really struggling to know when enough is enough. I love her so much and know she is counting on me to do the right thing.

February 1, 2014 at 8:53 pm
(33) Mark says:

My deepest sympathy to all of you.I have had up to 6 dogs at one time and my heart broke with the passing of each of them.I just lost a 14 yr old rott/boxer and have kept them all comfortable to the end.My first dog had a mass in rear leg,slowly the dog will lose mobility,I kept her until she stopped drinking,however she was immobile for 2 weeks prior.My other dog we had spleen removed only to see her horribly demise 2 weeks later,had to put her down in an emergency basis.My last dog had a cough that turnred out to be a mass on spleen and heart.Keep them hydrated and clean,a plastic hot water heater drain pan partially cut with newspaper n rags with their behind hanging off dog bed will help keep them dry when they can no longer go out .Watch their gums for change in color,(pale) indicating low red blood cell count. I dont think surgery will help as blood disease but any external tumors I have had removed asap.I believe euthanasia is much better than letting the poor dog gasping for air but I know how extremely difficult this decision can be and have lost dogs both ways.Caring for an ailing animal can be extremely taxing on your body as well so use common sense as you dont want to end up in the hospital or worse. Hope this helps and as I said to them all,miss you till we meet again!

February 18, 2014 at 9:55 pm
(34) Katherine says:

My papillion was drooling excessively last Aug and we brought him to the vet. He was given 30 days of antibotics and the drooling stopped. It recurred in Oct and we brought him in again. The vet suspected a tooth decay or gun disease. He was put under GA for dentistry and he came out deaf. In Jan he started drooling and we brought him to see another vet. She administrated 2 weeks of antibotics to reduce the swelling and drooling but it did not worked. This vet noticed a swollen saliva gland and referred him to a surgeon at the hospital.
He seen the surgeon who suspected it could be cancer of the saliva gland or lymp nodes as my dog has also lost 1 kg over 6 months despite still eating well. The surgeon recommend CT scan & biopsy under GA to determine where is the cancer & if it has spread and what kind of cancer it is; followed by a surgery thereafter. He share the risk is 50-50 due to my dog old age (14) and immunity and he could possiblity not surive under GA or turned out blind as we are working on the same region as his previous dentistry treatment.
Considering the risk involved & the possibility I could lost him during the tests, we decided not to proceed but to provide to provide him with palliative care. I only hope I know when is it the right time for me to bid him goodbye forever cos I do not wish for him to be in extreme pain by then. It is a very heartbreaking & painful period esp when I know he wont have much time left with us and I have to be the one to make the brave decision of putting him to sleep to end his pain.

March 10, 2014 at 6:52 pm
(35) Brittany says:

how do you say goodbye to your best friend, your baby? I can’t imagine how hard it will be. I will be saying that soon but I don’t want to, but how can you be selfish and want him with you till the end but not want them to suffer? I just found out my boy has Liver cancer…its to advanced to do anything but keep him as comfortable as possible….He’s a Siberian Husky and 13yrs old my beautiful boy…he’s a little tired and weak but not bad enough to say a final goodbye..i don’t know how to say goodbye to him

March 12, 2014 at 3:00 am
(36) lynn says:

Our 15 year old Maltese male Scampi has just been diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumour on his left front leg. The option was to amputate the leg at the shoulder, but only after biopsy to establish if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. After much prayer and discussion, we decided against such invasive surgery and to keep him comfortable for as long as possible. Our wonderful Vet will assist with observation and we will know when its time to say goodbye to him, but for now we will just give all the love and affection that we can.

March 20, 2014 at 2:59 am
(37) Mary says:

I took my NI Taskia to the vet last Friday, as I noticed her sort of chocking. The vet said she suspected Lymphoma. My dogs glands were swollen. She checked the back legs and noticed a lump there too. She prescribed anti biotics just in case. A blood test was taken and a few cell tests. I was devastated. I told my daughter, but could not tell my son – he is sitting his exams and I did not want to add any stress to him. I went to the Vet on Monday to have my dog checked over. The blood test came back fine, and for a brief moment I had hope that she just had some kind of serious infection. Yesterday I recieved a call off the Vet, and she confirmed the worst. I have not stopped crying. She is only 9 years old. There is no change in her personality – she is just as cheeky as per usual, but my heart is breaking, and all you do is just soldier on. She sits in my front window and waits for me to come home from work. When she sees me she jumps up and her tail waggs. I am dreading the day I come home and she is not at the window, and when I open the door she is not their to jump and kiss my face. There will be a great void. My heart goes out to you all.

March 28, 2014 at 7:30 pm
(38) Dorothy says:

My 10 year old Aggie has several tumors in her lungs. She kept losing weight and after blood tests, urine tests and finally an x-ray we saw it. Her first symptom was weight loss and decreased appetite. Now she is breathing heavier, and panting on exertion from simply getting up onto or off of the couch. Today she is coughing. it is not time yet, but I fear it is close. We are feeding her whatever she will eat. Cooking chicken, steak and she still loves ice cream and cheese, but she often refuses food. 3 weeks ago the vet said probably less than 2 months. Every day when I come home from work I dread that moment before she greets me. She doesn’t act like she is in pain. Will I know when it’s time?
What should I expect from here? What is the progression?

April 2, 2014 at 7:49 am
(39) Camilla says:

On 22nd February I got the news my 9yrs 9mths Rhodesian Ridgeback boy’s biopsies have come back positive for lymphoma. About the end of January he started vomiting, & eating very little but when he did, vomiting within 20 minutes. The vet gave him hypoallergenic food, antibiotics & Tramadol for what appeared to be abdominal pain. However, 2 weeks later I took him to the city to the emergency vet. Ultrasounds were done & needle aspirates done when nodules were found on his spleen & in his intestine. I returned to the country to my vet, who removed his spleen. His appetite picked up, I started cooking chickens & vegetables & now feed him twice a day. He is on Prednisolone 25mg every 2nd day. My story is very similar to No. 23 (Nita). I have days when I think they have made a mistake. However, he is making strange noises.. breathing & as he eats. I don’t know what they mean and I am pretty sure he didn’t used to do that. I have cried until I am exhausted. I have lain on the floor with him and sobbed. I am OK at the moment but I know I will be very fragile when I am faced with making the decision to let him go. I decided against chemo because I don’t want him to suffer for a gain of only 12 months approximately. I have put my hand up for a puppy from a breeder who has just had a litter. I am actually scared that I may fall over the edge if I don’t re-focus and be forced to take responsibility for another dependent 4 legged baby. I will be so devastated, I have to do my best to keep upright and pre-empt the horror of what is to come. I love my boy to the moon and back, having re-homed him at the age of six and flown him across the country. He loved me immediately and we are so bonded to one another. When I speak to him, he talks with his eyes .. no need for language, his eyes say it all. I have been very privileged these past 4 years; I just wish I could have another 2 or 3 because it hasn’t been anywhere near long enough.

April 15, 2014 at 3:53 pm
(40) Barbara says:

My best friend, Emma, a near 15 year old Jack Russell was diagnosed with lymphona last week. I just pray I will know when it is time. She is loosing weight, but still eats, drinks water, sleeps, and lays in the sun. She doesn’t move as much as she used to, but follows me around the house all day. I do not want her to suffer in anyway. I appreciate all your thoughts, words, and advice. Barbara

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