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Pet Food Recall - Your Questions Answered

By March 23, 2007

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About.com Guide to Cats, Franny Syufy, does an exceptional job of answering all of the questions that pet owners have about this massive pet food recall. In addition to the obvious first question of "has the food I purchased been recalled?", learn what wheat gluten is used for and what you can do if your pet has become sick or died after eating recalled food among other topics.
Pet Food Recall FAQ

On a related note, news is now surfacing that this toxic food situation was known about for at least a month before the information became public. The FDA received the first reports of kidney failure and deaths as early as February 20th, 2007. Menu Foods, the company responsible for initiating the recall, started testing the food on laboratory animals on February 27, 2007. This has infuriated many pet owners and those in the animal care industry who wonder what took so long to tell the public and why did additional animals have to die needlessly to "prove" the food was toxic?

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March 25, 2007 at 7:33 pm
(1) missy says:

Two of my pets died this weekend. One was kindney failure but he also had heartworms. The little one that was healthy before Jan.14, 2007 died from pnuemonia, both dogs ate OL’roy dog foods. When I first took the little one to vet cause she had trouble raising & walking they thought she had back problems. It wasn’t until she had difficulty breathing that thay did blood work right after the recall. Could her death be caused from the poison? Her sympoms varied from fever, bloody lose stool, excessive drinking and urination, weight loss, and pnemonia. She was sick from Jan.14 -March 25,2007. All the symptoms took place over this period of time! Could it have been caused by the poison???

March 28, 2007 at 2:08 pm
(2) Tom says:

On March 1st. our four-year-old housecat developed kidney failure. This was confirmed by a blood test and ultrasound. There was no evidence of plant material in his vomit and no high risk plants in our house to begin with. The only possible causes we could come up with were either something congenital or something in its diet. For the past four years we have only fed our cat Prescription t/d. As it turns out, this food, although not currently on the recall list, is made by the same manufacture as Science Diet, which is on the list. I’ve contacted the manufacture, Hills, and also contacted the FDA. It seems to me that this food, which I still have a lot of, should be tested as well. What else should I do to push this idea? t/d is not as well-known as Science Diet, Eukanuba or Iams so perhaps fewer people would have reported an incident with it. There is always the possibility that the timing of our cat’s illness could just be coincidental, but I’d like to know for sure.

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