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Lionsteve asks: "We have a Yellow Lab mix. Not sure how old she is but our guess is about 8 or 9. A while back she started "snorting" when she would get excited. Sort of a asthma sort of snort. We took her to the vet and they did several test with no results. They gave her an antibiotic. No real help. It doesn't seem to bother her too much. Well a couple of weeks ago she started having bloody discharge from her nose. Just a little here and there. Just curious if someone else has seen this or might know what it is that we are dealing with. Any ideas? Thanks in advance."


April 29, 2006 at 4:39 pm
(1) Jennifer Day says:

I have a Shiba Inu with similar problems. He snorts when he is excited or when he eats sometimes. It was minimal at first, but now seems to be increasing in frequency and duration. He has also now developed a crusty discharge around one side of his nose. No one has been able to tell me what is wrong with him, some suggest allergies. Nothing seems to be painful, but it seems that the symptoms are increasing. If you happen to find out what your dog has, maybe mine is suffering from a similar problem or the same problem.

October 28, 2006 at 10:52 am
(2) nina says:

I have a thirteen year old rotweiller, very timid since pup, anyways she has been for the last month getting speratic nose bleeds with a bit of discharge as well. I know she is old, so we have been making her as comfortable as possible, for all the hard work she has done for us all these years on our little farm. She is up to date on all her shots, and she did have parvo as a pup. We are just lucky to have had her this long. good luck with you and yours.

October 29, 2006 at 5:09 pm
(3) CJ says:

I have an 12 year timberwolf-mix who started bleeding during the summer. We thought it was due to the heat (we live in AZ) The vet said that it was unlikely so we took Buddy in to see his vet, everything was fine. 2 months later his nose started to bleed again this time it’s worse and he is snorting and rubbing his paws over his nose. I can’t see anything up his nose and he is eating and sleeping find. Is there such a thing as subsidized pet care? I’m afraid, I love my dog, but I can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars right now.

April 20, 2007 at 11:04 am
(4) tish says:

The tip of my dog’s nose looks like it is rotting and now he has an open sore on each nostril. What can I do short of taking him to the vet?

October 20, 2007 at 7:05 am
(5) pejxu says:

i ve read the qusetions, no answers… my dogs got the same? did anyone of you get a reply or any help form anywhere else?

October 22, 2007 at 2:36 pm
(6) Samantha says:

My dog was doing that snorting thing also and than started bleeding profusly from his nose. We took him to the hospital and they said he might have cancer or a bacterial infection. I didn’t have the money for tests so we gave him an antibiotic for two weeks it didn’t help. His nose stopped bleeding really bad, its just a little bit of blood here and there…I don’t know what to do, he seems fine and lively as ever…does anybody else have this problem and if so what did you do?

November 6, 2007 at 10:01 pm
(7) Michele says:

Our 6 year old golden has had nose bleeds on and off the past 6 weeks. A couple rounds of antibiotics has not helped. Xrays are nonconclusive; tonight she is just laying around after 2 antibiotic shots because her white count is high, showing infection, but we still don’t know what’s going on with her. It hurts to see her like this.

November 14, 2007 at 9:23 pm
(8) Mary says:

My yellow lab has sneezing and bloody discharge from nose. He is on his second round of antibiotics. Antibiotics help with the discharge, but if it comes back the vet suggests a nasal probe. He said there could be a piece of grass or something else in there. It is expensive–about $1000. Has anybody found any other way to help. Can the dog eventually sneeze object out?

March 5, 2008 at 5:12 pm
(9) MADELEINE Burdette says:

I have a 6 yr old saluki who started showing signs of allergies, running eyes. Then stopped up nose, snorting, swollen glands on one side of the neck. Blood test show no infection, however after 3 rounds of anti-biotic and using antihysermines, there is no imporovement. Had her head xrayed for a tumor, there is none. All this cost me nearly $800 and I still have no answer. I wish to find a vet with a probe to see up her nose. Does anyone have a vet or know of one in the East TN, West NC, or N. GA area with one?

March 26, 2008 at 11:12 pm
(10) Karmen says:

In 2006, my German Shepard started to snorting and had an ear infection. After 2 months his nose started to bleed; done a lot of test:biopsy, blood coagulation, CT scan; no result, no cancer, no fungus. I suspected connection between ear infection and bleeding nose; given prednison; bleeding stoped. Since then every 4-5 months ear infection & bleeding nose. It is like a cycle. Spent a lot of money and still no answer, WHY?

May 14, 2008 at 7:34 pm
(11) pam decker says:

My 10 year old snorts when shes excited and sometimes gets a bloody nose this recently started happening – Lots of money on tests – no results
We love our dogs but how much do you spend to not get help for them

May 26, 2008 at 6:45 pm
(12) Maria says:

Recently, my dog snowflake (maltese female) had a snorking then wiping her paws constantly. Then she started to sneeze frequently,until she started to bleed. I took her to the vet and she now has cancer. She is eating chasing her tail, but she is bleeding slightly, I am making her more comfortable, and spend more time with her. She is 13 1/2 years old and I don’t want to put her through more expensive tests, because she is so fragile.

July 8, 2008 at 6:38 pm
(13) cj says:

I had two dogs that sneezed and wheezed and they had enlarged hearts. It’s pretty serious. By the time the vet finally figured it out (couple years had gone by) she couldn’t handle the meds and had a heart attack. So get it checked early.

July 25, 2008 at 5:24 pm
(14) Mo says:

GOOGLE THIS: DOG FOXTAIL IN NOSE Apparently there is a plant which shoots out grains that burrow in the dogs noses and can cause bleeding, pus, and pain in the dog’s nose, ears, vagina, skin, etc. Pretty horrible stuff. Print out the info and bring it to your vet.

July 25, 2008 at 8:24 pm
(15) vetmedicine says:

Re: foxtails – see also:
Protect your pet against Cheat Grass and Foxtail! Quick Tip. Mid-summer to fall is when these nasty grass seeds (awns) make their way into paws, noses, ears, etc.

August 13, 2008 at 1:10 pm
(16) Chad says:

Last week I noticed Ivy’s (8 1/2 year old rott mix) breathing was rhaspy when breathing through nose only. Took her to vet and found that both nostrils were irritated. Blood work showed no infection. Went ahead and put her on antibiotics as well as 2 25mg benadryl twice daily. Diagnosis was most likely allergies. Breathing has improved but now she has started to have nose bleeds (both nostrils) after snorting and a yellow discharge.
I am thinking that it might be the grass or air outside. She stops at the door and does not want to go outside to use the bathroom. Normally she jumps at the chance to go outside. Will take her back for nose xray if no improvement in couple of days.

August 18, 2008 at 1:45 pm
(17) Judy says:

Our beloved dog Jack (a golden lab mix) started with an eye discharge and sensitivity to anyone coming near the right side of his head. Had a blood discharge for a short period of time. Brought to vet right away. Gave him benadryl. Symptoms got worse a couple weeks later and he was treated with antibiotic thinking that it could be a tooth. Developed a lump near right eye. Brought him to vet today who made an incision and said that part of the bone in his nose was eaten away. She now thinks that it is cancer and has sent a biopsy off to be evaluated. We are heartbroken. My niece who is a veterinary student says that fungal infections can do the same things. Has anyone had a similar experience?

September 12, 2008 at 7:31 pm
(18) richie roberts says:

Our lab has blood discharge from the right nostril and now has developed a lump near right eye.

September 13, 2008 at 9:34 pm
(19) m mu says:

my lovely girl had a nosebleed and vet said lawn allergies. It got worse but he said the same. Then 6 months later, she falls from weakness and is bloated, vet says pinched nerve. Emergency vet suggests an ultrasound and biopsy but regular vet poo-poos it. After third fainting, I took her to UC Davis. hemangiosarcoma. Lethal. One of the symptoms: nosebleed. She has only a small time on this earth. I am noit ready to have her die. I will miss her terribly. Please get an (annual) ultrasound of the abdomen and a biopsy. These small things cannot hurt, and may save you from agony over what you could have done but did not.

October 15, 2008 at 9:23 am
(20) Daina says:

Our Golden going through same thing!Started in July,a drop of blood here and there every few days.It then became more frequent & accompanied by descharge from 1 nostril.Vet put him on prednisone and antibiotics & said it was probably allergies and secondary infection. The meds stopped blood/discharge,but as soon as meds were done, started right back again! Xrays/blood tests show no cancer signs.Now horrible snorting sounds, constant discharge,meds doing nothing.Vet found elevated bacteria, but no antibiotic working.Referred to specialist…very worried!

November 21, 2008 at 2:44 am
(21) Lynnette says:

I have an 11 1/2 year old that is having the same problems, right side above his eye there is a lump and swelling around his eye for 2 months..xrays, blood work no explanation, goes away on its own for 4 months then comes back..painful to yawn, eat hard food, or play with his toys. Developed bloody nose from right nostril and passed a few clots, now on pain meds and amoxicillan (2nd round of 10 days) and bloody nose better but lump and pain still there…did anyone get answers as to what this is…my vet sure doesn’t know.

December 1, 2008 at 10:11 pm
(22) s hays says:

Hey there, I read through this blog and thought I should respond. I have a shih tzu and she too snorts especially when she gets excited. I have no doubt that the other dogs listed here have serious medical problems, but I just wanted to put some of you at ease. I have raised several shih tzu’s and all of them have done this snorting at one time or another. I figured that it was allergies, but I was just curious to see if others had the same thing happening with their dogs. Anyway, Mollee is fine. She just does the snorting thing when she gets excited. My dog Rugby also did the snorting, in fact much more often than Mollee. He lived a VERY long life. Just wanted to put you at ease!

December 2, 2008 at 10:52 pm
(23) HeatherLea says:

I have had several dogs over the years and they have been doing the snorting thing. Some where worse than others and the vet said it is like a reverse sneeze. I have a German Shep now that snorts and her nose bleeds now and then. I am not a vet but I have had many vists to them and paid lots of $$$$ over the years to find out that nothing was wrong. This is just a suggestion and I AM NOT A VET but could it be that dogs like people get allergies, dry nose/bleeds, and respond just like we do to the enviroment.

Just as a closing comment…if anyone has a pet with a serious medical problem or they suspect one they should take there pet to the vet ASAP. If you can not afford it discuss it with your vet. Most will let you make payments or work something out. If they won’t then you need to find another vet that will.

December 29, 2008 at 1:00 pm
(24) Ashley says:

My dog had the snorting problem for awhile… and then yesterday he started bleeding from 1 nostril profusely. We took him to the vet, and they did blood work. His blood work showed that his white cell count was 101k, normal is about 5-7k. Since they ruled out infection because of the lab results, they say that it is leukemia. So I would have blood work done asap… Our boy is unfortunate, we brought him home to live out his life with us because he is happy still… His nose is still bleeding off and on, but as long as we keep him rested he is good. Good luck..

December 31, 2008 at 1:48 pm
(25) Dorothy says:

I am stunned to find that this horrible situation is not uncommon. I have a 9 1/2 year old lab/boxer mix, who has always been a feisty, energetic female. She first began making a snorting sound several months ago when walking with her ‘haltie’ collar. She’s been wearing her haltie for years, and while I have no idea if there is a link to the nostril disorder she is exhibiting and the haltie, her very first snorting episode was just after I put it on her for a walk. Gradually her snorting became more frequent, then major trouble breathing began. She was given antibiotics which really seemed to help with her blocked nostrils, as she began draining lots of thick yellow mucus. But stop the antibiotics and back came the symptoms. We followed with xrays and mucus culture and blood test. All negative except for slightly positive for a certain bacteria. Now, after three weeks on new antibiotics, her nose looks horrible, appetite way down and her eyes are now running. The veterinary expense is one thing, of course, but more than that I HATE to keep putting her through the trauma of the vet visits. She needs to anesthetized just to be examined, because she is so terrified of the vet experience. Her quality of life is miserable. I have never had a dog “put down”, but am considering this. I guess I’m looking for moral support, but I would love to receive comments. Weighing this option is agonizing, to say the least.

December 31, 2008 at 1:59 pm
(26) Dorothy says:

Rereading my last comment, I realize I left out a huge piece of the story: Gilda has had considerable blood in her mucus. At first she was perfectly willing to let me wipe her nose with a soft hand towel. But now it has become much too sensitive. Her nose hurts. Also, there have been a few instances where she has passed dry blood clots.

January 8, 2009 at 5:27 pm
(27) I. Ron says:

If you have active dogs that are outside, be sure you have your vet check for valley fever (coccomycosis), especially if you live in a dry area, or blastomycosis, if you live in the upper midwest. My dog has that, and it affects his nose and causes nosebleeds. If your vet isn’t looking for it, he may not catch it, but it affects the respiratory system, usually beginning at the nose, and can kill a dog. usually affects big dogs that are active outside

January 22, 2009 at 7:34 pm
(28) Ricco says:

had my boxer checked after several visits to vet, for runny nose,stopped-up nose, bloody nose, started out as a allergy to something, that developed into ashma, and that into a sinus infection…

March 23, 2009 at 5:48 pm
(29) laurel says:

I have a 70 lbs. mixed breed rescue dog that has been with me for 5 years. Early in Dec. he began sneezing and had a runny nose. The discharge was clear but gradualy became a little colored (yellow) so I went to doggy doctor. Long story short, we tried 3 different antibiotics to no effect. After an xray showed more matter on the right side than the left, my vet said that he had either a cancer or a fungus. We went to a specialist and found that he had a fungus in his right nasal passage that had destroyed his fine bones and was working it’s way through to his brain. This is a huge issue and VERY difficult to find and to treat. The testing alone was $2000.00. Who would think that a fungus could be so distructive! We are still working on the cure–but for anyone with similar conditions,ask your vet about FUNGUS!!!

March 23, 2009 at 5:48 pm
(30) laurel says:

I have a 70 lbs. mixed breed rescue dog that has been with me for 5 years. Early in Dec. he began sneezing and had a runny nose. The discharge was clear but gradualy became a little colored (yellow) so I went to doggy doctor. Long story short, we tried 3 different antibiotics to no effect. After an xray showed more matter on the right side than the left, my vet said that he had either a cancer or a fungus. We went to a specialist and found that he had a fungus in his right nasal passage that had destroyed his fine bones and was working it’s way through to his brain. This is a huge issue and VERY difficult to find and to treat. The testing alone was $2000.00. Who would think that a fungus could be so distructive! We are still working on the cure–but for anyone with similar conditions,ask your vet about FUNGUS!!!

June 4, 2009 at 11:56 pm
(31) LINDA says:


June 14, 2009 at 8:13 pm
(32) brandon says:

My dog was doing the same thing. Sneezing, discharge, etc….he sneezed out a large tick a couple days ago. It was enlarged to the point of possible nasal canal blockage. We still have trouble getting rid of fungus on the nose; any suggestions?

July 6, 2009 at 1:46 am
(33) Kimberly says:

I have a Maltese who is about 9 years old. She currently has a frequent cough, as time goes by it worsens. Itís been about 2-3 months when she began fainting and everyday it gets worse. I’ve noticed she faints and coughs whenever she gets excited, however she doesnít faint all the time, but she is frequently coughing. I live in Nicaragua and we donít really have good vets here. Her vet tells me that it is because the dog gets to excited, but im worried that she will pass away. I’ve been reading on the Internet and I believe she has a collapsed trachea, but im not sure and I donít know how to deal with this. I’ve also noticed that her skin (stomach) has been getting darker. She seems tired all the time and won’t stop coughing. Does anyone have any suggestions; does this have to do with her age? Are there any vitamins I can give her? I believe that her faints are due to respiratory problems which donít allow the entrance of oxygen to her brain. Please help. Thank you!

July 15, 2009 at 3:25 pm
(34) Paula Breedlove says:

My 9 yo Aussie started with a snorting, then slight nosebleed. Vet said it was a tick borne disease, gave antibiotics and prednisone. He got better for a couple of weeks then started again. took him back for x-rays and then the vet scoped him and found a cancer about 1 and 1/2 inches inside his nose. We’re going to Oklahoma State Vet clinic on Monday to have a cat scan and probably surgery on Tuesday. I have to talk to the doctors and find out what his chances are before I put him through the trauma and me the outragous expense. I love this dog dearly, but how can I justify spending thousands of dollars if it’s going to come right back??? I’m so torn about this whole thing.

July 29, 2009 at 2:14 pm
(35) KC says:

Also have an Aussie, (first one died last year at 12 of liver cancer – took him in a week). This guy was a rescue we took in 8 years ago – now also 12, started with the “Reverse sneezing”, heavy breathing – always at night. Were told it common as long as there was no blood – next day – blood. Took him to specialist – he has lymphoma and started chemo but now has had 2 nose bleeds (heavy but stopped them selves) in 3 days. Won’t be back to chemo guy until tomorrow for another treatment – but I’m hoping they will solve this first…
Yes, we are heartbroken because we could do NOTHING for our first Aussie so we are trying to give this guy “quality” – I’m waiting for that to happen… large chemo 10 days ago left his listless for days – Dr was away and then the nose bleeding started… now I don’t know if we are dealing with lymphoma AND a nasal tumor. Initially they didn’t want to scope him due to the complexity of the nasal cavity – but we need some help (or a sedative for us)… Good luck to all of you out there.

August 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm
(36) Cindy says:

I have a 4 year old red nose pit and he is the most mild mannered dog and we love him dearly and he has the same symptoms. We went on vacation came home and he was weak on one side with nasal discharge and crusting on the same side as well as eye ddrainage and glands in neck swollen gulf ball size he lost 20 lbs (over 3 months), took him to vet, 3 weeks antibiotics, vet said tic borne disease or CA. The antibiotics helped, the crusting and drainage stopped, the lymp glands went down. 1 week off antibiotics it is all back. Taking him to the vet tomorrow, see what is next. Seems like if it was cancer antibiotics would not help. Any advise would be appreciated.

August 19, 2009 at 4:49 pm
(37) Garrett says:

Was anyone else’s dog’s nose problems accompanied by a bump bewteen the eyes? I have an 8 year old Husky mix who suddenly developed this large lump right between his eyes and has had labored breathing through his left nostril since it started. Took him to the vet who pressed hard on the bump and blood ran out his nostrils. She took a tissue sample out with a needle and is having it checked out, but no answers yet. The lump is painful to the touch for the dog, but otherwise he is his usual self. I fear that it is nasal cancer or perhaps one of these nasty fungi that have been mentioned here. The Vet is talking about doing a scan if the sample doesn’t tell her what it is, but the scan costs $2,000 that I don’t have. I’m praying, but I fear the worst. I am terrified at the idea of putting him down, as he means so much to me. But I cannot afford scans and treatments for cancer. This is just awful. Can anyone tell me if their dog had similar symptoms and what the outcome was?

September 3, 2009 at 2:24 pm
(38) KT says:

We have a Lab/Golden Retriever mix, and we’ve had him about 9 years. Every so often in the last couple of years, he would have his snorting/hiccuping when we would arrive home. He used to be an outside dog, until the neighborhood kids would tease him to the point of him breaking his cable. So, needless to say, he goes out onto for a potty-break, or if we are sitting around the fire pit.
Anyway, still on occasion he does the snorting thing, but recently started the clear discharge and nose bleeds. He’s been a bit overweight since he was neutered, but he’s on Pedigree Health Weight dry dog food and is fed only once a day. Anyway, I was recently told that the blood from his nose was due to something wrong with his lungs. I’ve read all of these comments, and truly FEEL for all of you and your pet issues. I’ve written down much info today, and plan on looking these things up. I, too, have little $$ for high vet expenses. Would rather have Dexter live out the remainder of his life in peace with his family, than to know he has little time left before doggy heaven. If there are any vets reading this, please post some information to put all of us pet owners and animal lovers at ease! Thanks1

October 2, 2009 at 11:24 am
(39) ryan says:

I have a 12 yr old spaniel/daschund mix. She started doing the reverse sneezing thing about 1 yr ago with yellow discharge. Vet gave her antibiotics, which didn’t help. Thought it might be allergies, but again medication did not help. Vet referred us to a specialist to do a scope up her nose thinking there was a object stuck in there. They found nothing and not tumors etc. It has been over a year and she still has the same issues, constant sneezing, reverse sneezing and thick discharge. Occassionally some blood will mix in, but I think it is just from the irritation of constant sneezing. It is frustrating that no one call tell us what is wrong. Also, our carpet is pretty much ruined from all of the discharge. Not sure what to do.

October 6, 2009 at 6:17 pm
(40) Monica says:

I have a greyhound who started having nosebleeds (usually only one nostril) over two years ago at the age of 5. I had him scoped and they found nothing except some very inflammed blood vessels. The vet thought it was some sort of allergy and put him on Clavamox which cleared it right up and stopped the sneezing (which was probably causing the bleeding.) Since that first episode, every three to four months, he starts sneezing, which leads to the bleeding and I get another prescription of Clavamox which clears it up. I figured if it was something very serious, I would have known by now and he probably would have other symptoms. One time, rather than put him on Clavamox, I washed all of his bedding and blankets thinking maybe because they had not been washed recently that it could be causing the bleeding. Well, after I washed them, the bleeding and sneezing stopped just as it had with the medicine. That was strange. The last episode he had was in May and he went all summer until last week without bleeding. He’s back on Clavamox and we’ll see how it goes again.

It can be very frustrating to go to the vet and pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars and get no answers. This has happened a couple of times to us with our dog. Websites like this are very helpful. Thanks for all the posts.

October 14, 2009 at 8:53 am
(41) Stacey says:

Thank you for this…. it really helps. I have an 8 year old shitzu, he is the most laid back and sweetest thing ever. He has always sneezed, ever since he was a puppy. we alway took it as his way of communicating. if he wanted snacks, he would sneeze and go to the pantry, if he wanted to go potty he would sneeze and go to the door. it would get louder if I did not respond right away, almost like yelling. two weeks ago he started waking in up with mucus on the left side of his nose, and two days ago he sneezed so much and often that it sounded like a kazoo… right then the nose bleed started. Yesterday the vet appt. first thing she says is he may have a tumor. She is running test, he has a history of skin and watery eyes allergies. I need to know something. Last night he nosed bled for 4 hours, and he kept sneezing because he wanted something. He is my baby, i don’t know what to do. I going to check with some specialist and wash and clean everything in my house.

October 22, 2009 at 1:32 am
(42) Toni says:

I have a 10-12 year old boxer (rescue, not sure of her age) that started having nosebleeds (one side) every few days. After a couple of weeks, blood panel and urine tests were clear. Nosebleed seemed to be going away for about a week then got worse. I was hoping for a foxtail.

They found bone loss in the x-rays of the nose which prompted the vet to do a chest x-ray. They found a sizeable tumor in her chest next to the heart and lung. One lung is also collapsed or filling with fluid. I’m not doing any further testing to determine what the tumor is because she is too fragile for surgery either way. I have no idea how long I have left with her. All I can do is give her as happy a life possible for the time we have left.

November 10, 2009 at 2:17 pm
(43) Barb says:


We have a 15 year old Springer Span/Aussie/Beagle mix, and like most of the comments, after a trip to eastern Washington, she started sneezing, snorting, and then came the yucky discharge, and we took her in to get her teeth cleaned, and then her nose started bleeding and they couldn’t get it to stop. They gave us antibiotics which helped a little but she was still having the bleeding so I took her back to the vet who changed the antibiotics to Keflex and put her on Prednisone. The prednisone made her act crazed, excessively hungry, thirsty, and a little incontinent which she has never had problems with.

I’m thinking perhaps she inhaled foxtail when we went camping but my vet doesn’t have xray equipment so not sure. Maybe it is a fungus. Either way we are very economically short right now so not sure what to do. My husband had stopped giving her the prednisone but kept her on the antibiotic and the gunky discharge has come back, so I’m putting her back on a half pill of Prednisone for now and see if that keeps it at bay. I also may try giving her food with plain yogurt to see if that helps if it is a fungus, or just give her acidopholus pills. Anyway, other than the nose thing she is still very much alive and I would hate to think about putting her to sleep just because of this.


November 15, 2009 at 12:25 am
(44) drcysmssb says:

Common thread in all of these posts (besides the heartache for your poor beautiful pooches) is the age. Most mention 8-9 yr old dogs and up (with the exception of the 5 yr old gryhnd) While many of the initial vet response is antibiotics, results seem to be that only takes care of the symptoms. I’m writing with our 8 yr boxer mix rescue in mind to say get pet insurance from ASPCA (google the webpage) – they will insure up to 10 yrs old. we’ve got the ‘in case of emergency’ level of care, for exactly the kind of stuff your talking about. VPI turned us down for pre-existing conditions!!! good luck – cold noses and waggy tails

February 8, 2010 at 10:40 am
(45) Wendy says:

I have a 13yr old blue heeler/australian shepard mix. She has always been an outside dog. I noticed the nose bleeds over the past few months. It was very minimal and we’re low on funds so I let it pass. About a month ago we brought her in the house because of a freeze and because she’s old. She loves to be in the house now. but I noticed after about a week of being inside, she had a small lump high up on the right side of her nose, under the eye. It has gotten bigger in the last 3 weeks and now she is having trouble breathing through her nose so we are going to the vet this morning. I would love to have any advice. I cannot afford extensive treatment.

February 8, 2010 at 10:45 am
(46) Wendy says:

Forgot to mention in my last comment: She started to snort and cough up spots of blood last night. I believe it’s drainage from the nose since it seems to be blocked, but still wondering what the blockage might be.

February 24, 2010 at 1:53 pm
(47) Carole says:

I have a 4-year old golden lab female who has the bleeding nose and huge lump and swelling on one side of her face just below the eye. She is not eating well and is losing weight. Mostly sleeps-plays very little. Taken to different vets several times and no one seems to know what is wrong with her. Been on antibiotics and fungus meds. I am at a loss for what to do. One side of her face is so sensitive it must be painful. I hate to see her suffer like this. Thinking of having her put out of her misery. I love her so much.

March 6, 2010 at 11:15 pm
(48) chase says:

our dog was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago after having a large tumor removed and now his nose is bleeding quite a bit. I don’t know why, but does this mean the cancer had spread throughout his body? We thought that removing the tumor had done it.

April 10, 2010 at 11:27 am
(49) Chris says:

I have a 7 year old Lab/Rottweiler mix. She started snorting and coughing about 6 months ago. One day she started sneezing green mucous and then she started having bleeding from the right nostril only. We brought her to the vet who then put her on antibiotics. The profuse bleeding stopped, but now she has pink tinged discharge with occasional green tint. Her appetite has not changed and she does drink lots of water. The vet said that it may be an infection but could be something worse. She is on her second round of antibiotics and the vet said that if it doesn’t clear up this time she will need to come back and have a scope in her nostril. He said at first is could have been allergies, but not so sure now.

April 25, 2010 at 1:09 pm
(50) karen says:

I have a Husky/mix about 9 years old, who started snorting and having nosebleeds. Our vet recommended a CT scan the only problem is that they cost $850.00 and up. I noticed from the other comments that it doesn’t seem to be any diagnosis. I just bear the thought of putting her down but don’t know what else to do I don’t want to see her suffer.

May 3, 2010 at 9:36 am
(51) Kareem says:

Hey guys I had a Lab mix and he first started with a drop or so of blood coming from his nose. We took him to the vet and they sent us home with some pain Meds and antibiotics a week or so later everything was still the same. The bleeding got a little worse after we took him to the Vet then again they took a biopsy and a CT Scan and they got the results and it came back inconclusive so they gave him more antibiotics and pain meds. A week later he had a sezisure so we rushed him to the pet emergency room they then kept him over night. After that he got a mini sezisure but not to bad. They took another biopsy and Ct Scan. The problem has only been going on for a month and i didn’t mind spending the money but in total I spent about $6,000. I’m still waiting on the results But it’s a little to late now because he had passed away 2 days ago without knowing whats going on with him.

May 4, 2010 at 10:59 pm
(52) Kareem says:

Well the results finally came back and they said it’s osteosarcoma. Thats a tumor that can occur anywhere in the body but most of the times in the limbs and in rare cases in the nasel. This case was one of those nasel cases. It can destroy bone and tissue. but be aware of this tumor it took his life within a month. “RIP Little”

May 17, 2010 at 8:33 pm
(53) zimba says:

my dog has a serious problem that she now has passed down to her son. They both have reverse sneezing and then start bleeding profusely through their nose both nostrils no vet in my country is yet to diagnose this disease and my dogs are suffering. the blood is so thin sometimes my poor dog is covered in blood and she’s always hungry i need some assistance from somebody please

May 17, 2010 at 9:56 pm
(54) vetmedicine says:

To zimba – reverse sneezing does not cause thin blood, bleeding (“covered in blood”) or increased hunger. It is a fairly benign situation. Your dogs sound much more serious – anything from cancer to rat poison is possible. Since two dogs are affected environmental or toxic is a more common situation. Check/remove all poisons – pesticides, insecticides and have your dogs checked out at the vet asap – bloodwork, exam etc.

June 4, 2010 at 3:24 pm
(55) diane says:

We have a Cavilier, she was fine, then she started snorting whenever she got excited. vet found sore in her mouth, gave her antiboitics, she was fine for a week. then started snorting again with problem breathing now. can’t catch her breath, when we walk shes fine, but she has trouble breathing. shes taking antibotics with decongestant for a wk, but hasn’t changed for better yet. WHAT TO DO- HELP!

June 18, 2010 at 12:51 am
(56) Corey says:

Our dog had a cancer growth grow on her back ankle for a couple of months to the size of a baseball. We had it removed last November. She was doing great for an eleven year old dog. Then late one night she started breathing different and my wife didn’t think she was going to make it till morning. We took her to the vet the that morning and the vet told us she had lung cancer and about 30 days to live. So we took her to the river for a farewell swim. She laid in the freezing water and enjoyed every minute of it. She used to be an outside dog and now she has been indoors when ever we are home. That was almost three months ago and tonight she just started sneezing blood. :( We will take her to the vet first thing tomorrow morning and see what they recommend. I just don’t want Annie to suffer.

June 18, 2010 at 5:50 pm
(57) Ed Michigan says:

Yep I have a 11 year old golden, Great dog. Problems started with cold like or allergies. One day his nose started bleeding and I took him to the Emerg. vet. blood work and pills. The next day my vet. Cancer (sad) A MRI would be about 3,000 and I knew it wouldn’t help. With kemo he might live a year without 3 months (could have had it for 2 already) Anyhow the normal treatment antibiotics/steroids . we are getting to the end of the meads and he is getting worse. Not in pain, eating and happy. I have a feeling 2 weeks tops. No matter how much I love my dog It is my responsibility to keep him out of pain. I will hate the day when he joins all Gods creatures but I know the time in near. Good luck and God bless to all of you with a sick family member/pet . If your pet has Cancer in his nose, don’t let the vets take you to the cleaners. They can’t help.

June 28, 2010 at 2:28 am
(58) Dennis says:

We have an 8 year old Samoyed that started losing pigmentation on her nose several years ago. After numerous visits to the Vet, she was diagnose with Discoid Lupus. Her nose continued to deteriorate till she had a major bleeding episode a few months back were blood was pulse squirting from her nose. We switched Vets and she is now on a more aggressive treatment of: Prednisone, Tetracycline, Azathioprine, Niacinamide, and a very expensive nose ointment called Tacrolimus. It’s been 10 weeks and she has improved a lot. The upper part of her nose appears to be darkening and no longer looks like an open sore. The lower bridge part between her nostrils is very sensitive and has difficulty healing because of the constant drainage and licking. She still has bleeding episodes, but they have been minor. We worry about still having a major bleed and it’s been expensive to take her in on emergencies. I did find a product called “Celox” at http://www.celoxmedical.com which is used to treat battlefield bleed wounds. They also say it can be used for dogs. I pass the info over to our Vet and will hear next week if this is a good deal. Again, if your dog is losing nose pigmentation, is white or a northern breed, then it’s possible it’s Discoid Lupus. Hope this helps.

July 22, 2010 at 10:39 pm
(59) Kerry says:

our 11 year old wirehaired dachshund had a minor nose bleed and another 3 months in april. He just had a very serious one two weeks ago and all his specila bloodwork of $500 came back negative so we are going to take him to an ear nose specialist so they can scope the nose and take x-rays. We have been quoted $1300 for anethesia and the x-rays and biopsys if there are any. We are going to get a second opinion with the specialist.

It is so traumatic when you have a sick child and you love them sooooooooooo much and money is tight. We did get healthinsurance so we will see if after paying the policy for 4 years for $3500 per illness they will re-emburse us.


July 31, 2010 at 8:24 pm
(60) Lisa says:

Wow – it is frustrating how many people are coming across this same situation without any solution.

Same story here – 7 year old lab mix that started that awful ‘reverse sneezing’ and now is suffering from periodic bloody noses. It comes and goes but on the days it really hits her she is really laying low. Definitely more tired and not quite herself.

Vet visit chalked it up to allergies and said that there wasn’t any obvious heart issue. Not sure what to think, especially given that so many people posting here haven’t had any resolution after multiple vet visits.

August 6, 2010 at 2:43 am
(61) voss says:

ive been reading some of these, my dog has VALLEY FEVER, and just started getting nose bleeds, bout a few weeks in. most of what people are saying sounds like what my dog has. it is curable but takes a long time is what the doctors say. has anyone every heard of valley fever?

August 7, 2010 at 4:46 am
(62) val says:

i have the same condition here, i have a 4 yr old labrador retriever who suffers also from frequent sneezing and continuous blood coming out from one of his nostrils, it started when we travelled him from a nearby town where my friend lives. after the trip his nose started bleeding, at frist we thought coz of the wether condition ( i live here at tropical country of philippines ) then we gave him a bathe and rushed him to a nearest vet, a couple of cbc test and anti biotics, but nothing helps. The bleeding stops for a day or two but then it starts bleeding again when my dog keeps on running or when he was in mode of excitement. til now in dnt know what treatment shoel we apply for the blood to stop. i love my dog so much. but a freaquent visit to a ver is useless as they applying the same test over and over again. i hope someone will help me to ease my dogs nose bleeding.

August 19, 2010 at 10:34 am
(63) M.L. van der Post says:

Please read Aspergillosis in dogs, it is a fungus infection in the dogs nose, and it is difficult to treat. Symptoms, a profuse, clear to opaque discharge from the nostrils that may alternate with episodes of nose bleeding, ulcerations on the external part of the nose, and discolourment of the nostril. There is a lot about this disease on the net. greetings from Holland

September 10, 2010 at 2:47 pm
(64) Colleen says:

I have a 8 yr old German Shepherd. He has been having nosebleeds. I have done a full blood work up, a skull xray. I am waiting on some test to see what kind of cells are in his nose. He had his skull xray done yesterday. I noticed the nosebleeds roughly 2 wks ago. The xray showed no real obvious signs of a tumor, but when he looked up his nose he could see the blood and mucus pocket up there. So he swabbed that to run some tests on. The Aspergillosis from what my vet told me you find more in the South I guess. He in his 14 yrs as a vet has never seen it. He also said that most of the nosebleeds he has seen are cancer. Which scares me. I have already spend over $1000 in the last 2 wks. He suggested if the swab results come back inconclusive or whatever to do an endiscopy for $1200-$1500. I dont have that. I have spent alot of money on my dog. He had a leg amputated almost 4 yrs ago. So I truly have no issue spending the $ on him if I have it. I do not. I dont know if its desperation or I truly in my heart dont feel its cancer and trying to find something else it could be. I love my dog to death and I so dont want to lose him.

October 20, 2010 at 9:23 am
(65) Kim says:

As many of the similar comments, our 15 yr old colley cross has the same problem. ( our family vet has said that nose bleeds in dogs = bad news – dont be ripped off!) About a month ago he had a terrible nose bleed which was making him sneeze and he was distressed. We took him to the vet who said nose bleeds arent good but he was still perky so was given a 5 day course of antibiotics and steriods, we were advised that he would now have to be on steroids until the end. Since this trip he was having quite bad bleeds once or twice a week, However on Monday night we were woken up by him with his really bad nose bleed and the same happened on Tuesday. He was still eating and didnt look in any pain so we let him carry on. Today he has had a really bad bleed and for the first time there is a white fatty looking substance in the blood and his gums are starting to whiten ( a very bad sign)he cant even stand up today. He is going to have to be put down later today. We believe the blood is caused by the tumour building up and bursting.

December 3, 2010 at 4:02 pm
(66) sue calish says:

get in touch w/luke robinson,his pyr has nasal cancer,nose bleeds,much concern ok

December 9, 2010 at 9:24 pm
(67) Dodie says:

I have an 8 yr old Bassett Hound who has always been as healthy as an ox, who pretty much run my property day and night. Recently it has become cold so I brought him in and since then he started sneezing, then came the blood. I thought maybe from being in the fresh air to coming in with now the dry heat from our heating system might be causing it but tonite he is just sneezing blood everywhere. I have no means for a vet for I am a single mom, I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do? He is eating fine and when he goes out he runs like not a thing is wrong but the second he comes in he is sneezing blood everywhere. I’m so worried especially after reading all this.

December 17, 2010 at 2:37 am
(68) tina says:

yes i have a german sheperd she did the same thing also her ears had blood and puss coming out of them and her pads on her paws were doing the same thing.my vet told me it was colley’s disease.he treated her with antibiotics and steroids.she has to stay on the steroids the rest of her life to keep it under control.no cure for it.she lost down to 52lbs. i have to admit she looks so much better but i think the steroids have made her really aggressive.

January 12, 2011 at 12:55 am
(69) Colleen says:

Hi everyone just hoping I can provide some answers as it seems we all have a similar situation….We have a 9 year old male Boxer and about six months ago we noticed the reverse cough and a clear nasal discharge. Since it was spring/summer I chalked it up to allergies and gave him benedeyl which seemed to help a little. when the problem persisted and worsened I took him to the vet where he had a senior workup and X-rays. Everything came back clear. Two weeks later he had a seizure so being that our dog had clean blood work and scans, he prescribed phenobarbital, an anti-seizure medication. Oscar was fine until Thanksgiving, when he started having a puss and blood mixed nasal discharge and his third eyelid came up over his left eye. Before the next morning his left side of his face swelled up. Back at the vet, another X-ray was taken to find a small growth on his sinus cavity. Other than the discharge our dog was happy, eating, playing. On Christmas day the facial swelling returned and we learned the tumor had grown significantly and although we got the swelling to go down with antibiotics and steroids, that we dpnt have much time left. Two days ago Oscar went completely blind. My husband and I know that it’s time to think about putting him to sleep however the decision would be a lot easier if he wasn’t acting normally and eating. As I write this I just cleaned up what was the worst nosebleed to date, which brought me to this sight. I am torn between letting nature take it’s course while he is medicated and comfortable at home or putting an end to this downward spiral.

February 20, 2011 at 7:20 pm
(70) Helen says:

My 11 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel stopped eating and has been very lethargic. The vet said “Barclay” has nasal cancer – I believe adenocarcinoma. The doctor gave him prednisone and pain medicine and eye drops as his right eye is very sore looking. Now he hasn’t eaten in two days – he refuses anything I try to offer him. His breathing is heavy. He’s such a friendly, lovable dog and it breaks my heart to have to put him down but I don’t see anything left to do. Any suggestions.

February 20, 2011 at 8:00 pm
(71) Tracy says:

We have a 9(+)yr old Rot (Male). Our son rescued him when he was 3 or 4. He has always been a wonderful dog who loves eating, walking, truck rides, and lots of loving. He started with a loss of appetite, difficulty chewing and swallowing. We were told he had an oral infection and was prescribed an antibiotic. He seemed to improve then came the nosebleeds, coughing, and now difficulty breathing. He has been on different antiobiotics and prednisone. Prednisone made him crazy…panting, thirsty and nervous. We cut him back to 1/2 a pill everyother day 3 weeks ago but now give him 1/2 a pill everyday. The vet has done blood work twice, xrays and everything looks good. We have decided not to have Ct scan as we were quoted $1600. We have come to the same conclusion as most of you…tumor in nasal area or Fungus infection. We are currently giving Jake pred. and Ketoconazole. We also have him sleep in a room with a steam vaporizer which helps the breathing somewhat. He has been on the meds for 3 days. Vet says to give it 2 weeks to see impovement. We now see some cavement on right side of head….this is not good. His appetite is declining as well which makes it difficult to get medication down.

March 3, 2011 at 7:59 pm
(72) Dj says:

The reverse sneeze and nose bleeds with my 7 yr old Bull Mastiff> Been two several vets and specialists in the past couple months after about 1200 in tests. To the point now where> Some vets say dont waste thousands on scopes and MRI’s because they will tell you either a.) your dog has a deadly disease or b.) nothing looks wrong and you waste money to >Vets say “scope, MRI, CT Scan, etc” what are you waiting for….. I know its a practice but reading all the stories above it seems like almost every vet screwed the pooch… I feel for all of you, and me myself, i would die for my dog, but I would say to the majority of you to include me, listen to yourself and get several opinions. After several, and i mean several opinions across three states, I am comfortable in making my decisions with my bull mastiff issues… I dont have the 3400 for ct/scoping but i think my dog would be alot happier at home with his family instead of going thru all this bull to end up in the same place.

Bless you all and bless your pets….

March 14, 2011 at 10:00 pm
(73) kristi says:

I had a similar problem with nosebleeds and mucus with my lab pitbull mix. My vet repeatedly told me it was just allergies. I tried antibiotics and steroids she would get better briefly but then would get worse. After several months she had extreme mucus with blood….piles of it on our wood floors. Then she wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t move or let me touch her. I finally took her to a vet specialist and got a very expensive ct scan which identifed horrific damage to one side of her nostril and sinus cavity, destroying all the tiny bones in her nose and the infection almost ate through the cribenform (sp?) Plate and was about to invade her brain. They told me cancer or fungus….but said fungus was unlikely as they had rarely seen fungus in pa….however my dog lived in fl most of her life. They suggested exploratory surgery which revealed fuzzy fungus. They implanted a tube into her sinuses and a week or so later gave her topical antifungals rotating her body while she was under to coat all surfaces in her head nose sinuses etc. Best choice I ever made….its now 4 years later and she is fine. She has a bad scar on her head and intermittent runny nose (clear watery) and doing great! It was very pricey but worth the money my bella just turned 9 and is so full of life. If you want more details and help please please contact me. It was so difficult to go through this and I feel so fortunate that my dog had a positive outcome that I would love to help.

March 14, 2011 at 10:20 pm
(74) kristi says:

Ps….Fyi…the fungus was aspergillosis. We tried fungal cultures and scopes up the nose but that was inconclusive. All in all the total vet bill for ct scan exploratory surgery and then fungal treatment was aroun $6000 crazy I know….most of that was the ct scan and once I found out it was curable and not cancer I had to keep going and get her the treatment. Don’t wait like I did….as if I would have went with my gut feeling and ignored my vet who advised againt the expensive ct scan I probably would have caught it way before it destroyed so much of her nose bones etc. Fyi there were other warning signs looking back. She shook her head a lot and her ears were very itchy amd always wanted them scratched. Also she eventually didn’t eat because her face and nose was in so much pain she could not eat food out of a bowl. If your dog has these symptoms feel all aroung their face and nose if they wince from the pain try feeding your dog by hand with a few pieces of food. My dog quicly ate food this way because it was he nose hitting her bowl and all that pain that caused her not to eat. Also the mucus with fungus is very noticible and clear cut. Not to be disgusting or anything but she would have strings of cloudy greenish bloody mucus leading from her nose to the floor…it was extremely gross. But it didn’t start off that bad this was months later w crappy advise from a great vet. (Once diagnosed my vet personally called me to apologize and explain that up north they rarely see fungus) it started and sneezing more often then a little mucus by her nose then increasingly more mucus and more blood. To note it was only coming from one nostril. Hope this helps if you need more info just post and I will try to get back to you. Also I can send pics of the tube and surgery as well as the ct scan if needed. Good luck

March 25, 2011 at 11:01 pm
(75) Erszi says:

We have a 12 year old kelpie that developed very distressing gagging/ snorting type symptoms, I gave her Calcium Ascorbate (non acidic Vitamin C.) administered twice daily, approx. 1 good teaspoonful mixed in a few droplets of pure water straight into her mouth a little at a time, with an oral syringe, fixed the problem in a matter of a few days, worth a try!

March 31, 2011 at 2:47 pm
(76) Tired Dog owner says:

My yellow lab is doing the same thing. What use to be a black nose is red to pink and bleeds. been on meds for two years now. Helps for about a month and then she is back to the Vet. I am so tired she doesnot sleep much anymore. Someone out there has to have an answer.

April 7, 2011 at 4:12 pm
(77) Margaret says:

My Rhodesian Ridgeback had all the above symptoms. Snorting, shaking his head and a discharge from his nose. He had this for months and we had him checked out but nothing seemed to work. Then he had a nose bleed which would not stop. Our local vet tried vitamin K injections to stop the bleeding but to no avail. He said our dog had aspergillosis (farmers lung in humans) caused by fungal spores entering the nasal cavities and generally eating away the flesh. The cure was to wash his sinus’ and nasal passages with a solution of Canesten (females among you will know this is a drug used to treat thrush (also a fungus) This was done for an hour under general anesthetic by drilling into the sinus cavities on the top of his head, and was repeated two weeks later. He looked a mess but survived and lived to 12 years old.

May 24, 2011 at 9:01 pm
(78) MONI PLANK says:


June 22, 2011 at 6:56 am
(79) Julie says:

Our dog Buddy has a large tumor on his nose between his eyes that is soft and painful for him when it is touched. He developed this lump (tumor) about a month ago. He had been having the snorting and bloody discharge from his nose for about 3 months. We just took him to the vet yesterday and she said it was a tumor and has eaten away at his nasal bone. She suggested I take him to Michigan State Vet Hospital “if we were going to persue anything further.” My daughter is 10 and Buddy is her best friend. I don’t have the money to get MRI’S and Chemo but I don’t want to do nothing. He is acting healthy for the most part….I say the most part because he is rubbing his snout and still has the bloody discharge but how long do you “wait” for something worse? I don’t know what to do…this is horrible.

July 15, 2011 at 9:16 am
(80) Michelle says:

I have an 11 year old female black lab. She has an extremely aggressive tumor on her nose. 2 months ago we had her in for annual check and there was nothing. 3 weeks later she started having nosebleeds and had a cut on her nose. 1 week later, she showed a mass on the inside of the right nostril plus the cut isn’t healing and has grown into a pink/purple mass and her nose is misshapen. As of yesterday, it has now spread to the other side of nose. No air coming out of the right side, before long she will not be able to breathe through her nose. She still has nosebleeds and we dread when she sneezes which is now quite frequent. Unable to get a biopsy, but was able to swab and get some cells to be examined. This is a cancerous tumor and it is spreading rapidly. We have made the decision to make her comfortable, but not to pursue the radiation treatments. we have insurance but they are still expensive and most likely will not do much good. She is still pretty active for an 11 year old and eating, drinking and stealing food when you aren’t looking. If in pain, we can’t tell. But we have her on pain meds. Cannot bear to put her down just yet.

November 14, 2011 at 7:13 pm
(81) Lori says:

My dog started to have a discharge from the nose, what I thought to be at the time to be a cold. But even with meds it didnt go away…too she was now making noises like she had sinus probelms. So got more meds but no help. I thought she must have something lodged in here nose. It was then that I found out she had cancer in her nose. So if your dog starts to have a discharge from one nasal that looks like a kid with a cold discharge ,sneezing and or snorting sounds then you need to have it checked for nasal cancer. I have had radiation and chemo both done for my dog, It has shrunk the tumor and may give her another year or two of life. I will warn you these treatments are expensive. There were 3 different choices for radiation…..I chose to take her everyday for 2 weeks Mon thru Friday..there are side effects that can and did happen but lucky for her they were not as bad. It is something that if you choose to do you must give 100% of yourself.

November 26, 2011 at 8:12 pm
(82) Patrice says:

i have a 7 year old boxer mix with the same symptoms, swelling on the nose between the eyes, bloody discharge out of her nose. Started with a lot of sneezing. Took her to the vet yesterday and it is exactly as you have all said, cancer or fungus, vet said her gut says cancer. I love my dog so much but they are talking about 1800 for scope and blood work and ct scan, then if they find out it’s fungal another 1500 for treatment. If it’s cancer well as it is an aggressive form of cancer not much time. I don’t have an expendable amount of money and am kind of blown away that there is no other way to tell if it is in fact fungal. They suggested i give her the fungal medicine to see if it works but said that it can destroy her liver if that isn’t the case. So super bummed and don’t know what the right thing to do for my pup. Blows me away that this is so common.

January 30, 2012 at 11:12 pm
(83) Ginny says:

I have a cat recently diagnosed with aspergillosis fungus in his sinus nasal area after a rhinoscopy and CT scan. He is a rescued cat, healthy, excellent bloodwork, but had random sneezing, noisy breathing like a stuffy nose,and bad odor from nose like of manure. Went on 4 rounds of antibiotis with no resolve. Rhinoscopy to see if grass or something stuck up in nostril. With biopsies and cytology found fungus. Extremely hard to get rid of. Currently on Itraconazole and Terbinafine and is scheduled to have a Clotrimazole infusion this week, risky in cats, but more common procedure in dogs. Dogs and cats sniff up fungus spores from the ground and they colonize in the sinuses and can spread to the brain, can be fatal. Please look this up on reputable vet sites online, research, and ask your vet hospital to check for fungus! .Important to catch this early before spreads! There are different fungus like cryptococcus. It is terribly expensive for these tests,and meds are long term, but I love my cat. Hope this helps.

February 18, 2012 at 4:27 pm
(84) Rich says:

I have a 13 year old rottweiller that started with sneezing and a nose bleed about a year ago. The vet put her on promethdazone which seemed to do the trick for awhile and then switched her to miloxicam. Her platelets were so low, they didn’t register on the blood work. We just give her glucosamine w/ condroiton everyday now for her hip displasia. We just noticed our 4 year old border collie starting to sneeze with a little blood. one thing of note that the vet said about our rott. was that it could be tick related as well. This only seemed to be a possibility for us since they both started having similar issues.

February 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm
(85) Gabriele says:

My 11-year-old Belgian Sheepdog, Jamie, started with nosebleed from his left nostril last week. We had been watching one tooth on this side after teeth cleaning 2 years ago but the vet could not find any swelling, tenderness, discharge when checking his face inside and out, including his ears. There was no tenderness from palpitation either, so antibiotics were not prescribed and because the bleeding had stopped at the time I took him to the vet, we are being told to wait and see if it comes back. Today, after 6 days he started bleeding again, not heavily but his quilt has stains of blood on it. From reading all this, it is probably a nasal tumor and there is nothing we will do like surgery, CT scans, because of his age and I do not believe to put a dog into undue pain and there is not a long life span left if we did all what can be done anyway. My dog will not know why he is being put through misery and pain with surgery. We are looking at it day by day now and will have him euthanized if the situation goes out of hand.

March 15, 2012 at 3:48 pm
(86) Alicia says:

My 10 year old springer spaniel mix is a healthy boy, but his nose has been dry and crusty with discharge in the nasal passage. He still eats and acts the same, but everynow and then, he will develop a “sore/scab” on his left nostril. He scratches it, it bleeds…but last night, a big piece of it must have come off, because blood was shooting for the sore opening like it was a water faucet. I cant afford a biopsy as my vet suggested…what can i do? From all the reviews, it does seem fungal *Aspergillosis. Is there something i can give him
at home or a natural remedy to help him! Please help.

March 19, 2012 at 7:35 pm
(87) Mae says:

My family has a two year old yellow lab mix that we adopted in January.Today,he started bleeding from his nose(not a whole lot)Everytime he puts his nose on something,blood gets on it.He is fine,acting like his normal self,playful for a few minutes,then lays down.Right now he is not bleeding,and is laying next too me.He is only bleeding in one nostril.No snorting,and very little sneezing,other than sneezing on my mom earlier and getting some blood on her.It looks like some blood is clogged up alittle in his nose.And his nose has alittle dry blood on it.This is the first time this has happened.I don’t think it is anything serious…he acts normal…any suggestions?

March 20, 2012 at 10:27 am
(88) Sharon says:

I have a 2 yr old Akita mix. He was the “picture of health” according to the vet a week ago. He received his normal yearly shots and also nose drops for kennel cough. One week later he is currently in the vet’s hospital due to an ulcer inside his nose. If he was the picture of health one week ago and now has a bleeding ulcer which causes choking I have to assume that it was the kennel cough drops that caused this situation. Maybe it’s time we started to make some noise to the pharmaceutical companies that are pushing the necessity of regular shots. These “necessary yearly shots” might be killing our pets.

May 7, 2012 at 7:41 pm
(89) Kelly says:

My 12 (13 in August) year old black lab mix started with nasal discharge on his left side three weeks ago. We tried two antiobiotics which improve slightly, but he then had bloody discharge. It is never enough to leave anything ont he floor or his bedding, but he does get a clogged nose every so often. He is going to have a rhinoscopy tomorrow. We are not going to do the ct scan, but will see if there is anything stuck in there. I hope he is comfortable. I worry about the stress it will put on him. He is an anxious dog to begin with. I hope for good results, but know I will not sleep tonight.

December 7, 2012 at 9:51 am
(90) susan says:

My dog started having blood comming from his nose,The vet said he has to many red blood cells, which stops the blood from clotting,Possible infection up in the nasal cavity…..The vet released a blood clot in his nasal cavity….still waiting for the rest of the tests…He put my dog on vitamin K which is supposed to help thicken the blood…Has none of your vets tryed Vitamin K? You need to ask your vet about it .They must do a complete blood panel on your dogs…Dont stop until you get answers…

February 13, 2013 at 11:46 am
(91) Lindsay Glenn says:

I have a saintbunard and lab mixed he is 10 years old and for the pass two days the dogs nose has not stopped bleeding we took him to the vet and they put him on two antiboctics and i dont seem to be helping i called today and they want to see him right away if anyone has had to same problem and knows how to stop it please let me know i hurts me when he hurts

February 14, 2013 at 5:08 pm
(92) Barbara Seekey says:

My choclate Lab had a severe nose bleed earlier today and vet came to pick her up They are doing tests. Earlier a week ago they told me to give her Benadryl and nose drops as she was sneezing and snorting . Last night she acted as if she could not get her breath and got real quivery. If she has someting bad i will put her to sleep. I love her a lot and will miss her but I know she is 12 years old and she has not done well si nce she was snake bit last April

March 14, 2013 at 6:50 pm
(93) Reggie's mom says:

I have a 13 year old shih tzu named Reggie. He is my “boo.” I love him so much. He started having bloody noses around Thanksgiving 2012, but it was one every now & then. Then in January he started with what sounded to me to be congestion. I thought cold, allergies, etc… It just got worse. In February I took him to the vets for his checkup and to see what else was going on. The vet said maybe congestion, but to watch the bloody noses b/c it could be a tumor or polyp in his nose. She gave me a medication to help with congestion. It seemed to be working, but then this past Friday he had another bloody nose. So I took him to the vets to have an x-ray of his head. Well, there is a mass that is filling most of his right sinus cavity and a little something in the left side. They don’t know if it’s a polyp, or a benign tumor or cancer. They can’t operate because of his age and his face and nasal areas are so tiny that is would be a horrible surgery and he may not make it because they would have to put him under and they are afraid because he is hardly breathing from his nose. Can’t do a sinus rinse b/c he could drown during the procedure. So, he is doomed. I am so sad and grieving and he isn’t even gone. Does anyone know of a non-invasive procedure that might help my little boo? His heart and other organs are in really great shape. I just don’t know what to do. Please help. Thanks

June 10, 2013 at 3:54 pm
(94) Linda says:

My dog does not have drainage or blood discharge from his nose but he does the “reverse sneeze” on occasion and sometimes it’s pretty intense. I’ve found that if I place my hand or finger briefly over his nostrils he will take a breath through his mouth and the “sneezing” will stop. Not to say this is cure for any problem but it does prevent the stress to both of us brought on by the prolonged “sneezing”. Hope this helps somewhat.

July 10, 2013 at 4:12 pm
(95) lisa says:

our 11 year old collike has the same thing. started out with what the vet said was a tinge of blood in right nostril. they took a swab of his nose. never said what they found. he was on clovamox but that made him vomit. now he is on doxycycline. when he first started taking it he had a nose bleed. now the bleeding has gone away. but when he sneezes he has tinge of blood come out of nose. he tries to sleep sitting up but he can’t. he’ll lay down and makes a snoring sound out of nose. they also say he can take benadryl to help him sleep. i’m just worried about him. we don’t have the money to get xrays done. the vet even said that all the xrays would show is which side is blocked up anyway. the first vet didn’t seem very optimistic. said he lived a good life. second vet she hate to say the word but cancer. i hate to see him like this he’s such a loving dog.

August 3, 2013 at 8:25 pm
(96) Linda says:

I have read all of these entries because my dog basically has the same problems. We started a pill to treat for fungus but after 5 days I stopped it because he was so miserable. I now am wondering if I should start it up again. Also , no one mentioned high blood pressure. My vet put my dog on medication for it and all the bleeding went away. I don’t believe it can be taken with allergy meds and in fact, allergy meds can bring about the bleeding. I think I will ask the bet about Baytril if the fungus meds don’t work.

Thanks to you all.

August 13, 2013 at 12:08 am
(97) Maria says:

Our English springer spaniel, Pepe, had a similar experience. It started with 105 fever and a trip the emergency vet. Regular Vet thought it was bacterial b/c he initially responded to antibiotics. The nasal discharge never went away. I was persistent about checking for a fungus even when my vet told me it was unlikely. Turns out, it’s a fungus. He had a CT scan and rhino and an anti fungal infusion. It’s been 3 days. Long story short, the faster you catch a fungal infection the better! You know your dog better than anyone!

November 25, 2013 at 4:44 pm
(98) kim says:

My dog started with a bit of sneezing and then blood from one nostril. The vet said most likely a tumour but we could treat with antibiotics just in case while we waited for a test for a fungal infection. Fungal came back negative and because she is very old we opted not to do the MRI when Vet said it was a 99% chance that it is a tumour that was in the brain by the sinus they said it would soon impair the breathing on one side of the nose and it has. When she is stressed she snorts like she can’t breath but she only need open her mouth! We are sad and when it looks like its to much we will have to let her go. SO I hope it’s not that for the others but our vet was great and really let us know what to expect. She still eats and drinks and looks no different but she is a little slower

January 19, 2014 at 11:34 pm
(99) diane says:

I treat my dogs like I treat my kids. If they have a cut I use Lugals Iodine to treat it, heals fast. I also use DMSO (roll-on) for lots of ailments they get, it works great even for Fungus. So the dogs are happy cause this stuff really works. God bless!

February 16, 2014 at 11:57 am
(100) Germaine says:

I have a 12 year old doxie that started having mucous in her nose sounding like a cold. Long story short. She had 3 rhionscopes and blood work. cat scan x-rays and 3 months of antibiotics and still has it. Also biopsy of the nose side that is irratated. No one can tell me what it is or get it to go away. She also has blood in it. I am besides myself and all Dr’s puzzled.

February 23, 2014 at 1:02 am
(101) Dayana says:

I have a 6-9 year old chihuaha and 2 nights ago age started sneezing like crazy , she sounds like she’s having trouble breathing through her nose . I checked to see if there was anything in there but as far as I can see there isn’t . When she sneezes clear discharge comes out I’m I’m really Worried about , can anyone help ?

March 10, 2014 at 6:12 pm
(102) Robin says:

I have a 12 year old Golden Retriever that currently has the same bloody discharge and snorting. She has also been on antibiotics but it has not worked. She had x-rays that didn’t show any mass in any part of her body including her skull. She looks tired and listless, is not eating well. I hate to say but by all the previous remarks I think I have made my mind up to just keep her comfortable at home as long is she doesn’t look in pain. Sorry to hear their seem to be no answers. Good luck to everyone else

March 10, 2014 at 8:56 pm
(103) Rebecca says:

Robin, my cattle dog has all these symptoms. He could have nasal cancer, a cyst, or a foreign object in his nose. He only bleeds on one side. I bought canned food because I felt it hurt to chew the dry. My vet said it will work out except the cancer. I have towels and blankets ready and laying on the furniture. For me to get a true diagnosis it will cost $1500 and every vet I have talked to it is a waste of money. No one recs chemo for this cancer. So I don’t worry.

March 26, 2014 at 8:45 am
(104) Lori Minardi says:

I have 5 GSD’s. One is 7 and started sneezing profusely for a week or two. Followed by nasal discharge. Swabbed and grew culture, and came back as staff infection. Treated with course of antiobiotics, with no results. Then went to 14 day regiment of injectable antiobiotics still no luck. Started heavy nosebleed in which he was rushed to ER and then referred to Interist. Did CT scan and rhinoscopy. He is bleeding from one nostril only, eating well but losing weight, active, but uncomfortable from discharge and backward sneezing. He is losing coat. He was diagnosed with Fungal infection, even though biopsy did not show. This is treated with the fungal operative procedure a minimum of two times, possibly three. If your dog has this condition, it is not cheap by any means, depending on your level of affordability, I am told it is a treatable although difficult condition. Hope this helps.

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