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KELJO09 posts: "To those of you who think these veterinarians are heartless, money-hungry scoundrels, here's the truth--yes, it is a business; yes, they need to make a profit; no, they are not heartless, but they've been burned way too many times to go the pro-bono route yet again. I worked in an emergency clinic for four years that had *hundreds* of unpaid bills--yes, hundreds! And every time someone would come in wanting a payment plan, we would do it--knowing that 90% of the time, we wouldn't see a dime. We did everything we could humanly do to make vet care possible--post-dated checks, credit cards, payment plans--and we got burned. Repeatedly. So what's the solution? Read more...


October 16, 2008 at 7:37 pm
(1) anonymous says:

You should’nt generalize because not all people are like that. It sounds a little bitter. You don’t know what other people are going through. Like me for instance. My cat was diagnosed with cancer I can’t afford chemo for her and I have to watch her die a little everyday and try to treat her with herbal treatments I found on the internet. Yes vets do have bills too and should be paid for services rendered but does it have to be outrageously exorbitant? No. How much does it cost to treat an animal? How much do they charge? The second is probably much much higher than the first. Think about all the owners out there with dying pets before you spout out ill judged retorts. There is a saying about money…YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE.

January 2, 2009 at 9:45 am
(2) Paul says:

I agree whole heartily, I have a beloved 7 year old Rottweiler, seemingly healthy her entire life, and just a few days ago 12-31-08 I notice that her lymph node had swollen to the size of a golf ball, just to increase in size the following day, new Years. Due to my vet being closed, I ran here to the Emergency hospital, after spending $85 to see a vet, I waited 4 hours before they put us in a room. The vet spent all of 30 second in the room, stated it was lymphatic cancer, had the vet tech come back with $500.00 worth of tests.
Due to my being just shy of broke, I opted to wait until following day to take her to the regular vet for testing. I understand that she is just a dog, but she is a wonderful animal with a big heart, has been used for therapy work with sick kids, and so onA wonderful dog!
What burns me, is that I am going to have to choose between my Beloved Best Friend, or bankrupting myself. I understand the vets have overheads, and must pay their bills to stay in business, but does it really cost $250.00 to take blood and look at it under a microscope?…is $85 fair for 30 seconds of effort.
This dog has brought so much joy to both my life, and many others, and I hate to see her life come down to money.
In about 12 minutes I am going to be calling my vet, I just hope I can afford to save my dogs life!

January 7, 2009 at 8:59 pm
(3) Viva says:

I too have a Rottie-he’s 4 and I’m wondering if he has the same problem. Please if you could tell me if..1. the underchin glands are swollen but are not painful, no reduction of friskyness or ability to eat (at all!). Actually, it feels like 4 little balls, 2 on each side of the center of neck. Any similarities? Any of this make any sense? I’m in a very tight money position as well as I’m on disability and can’t deal with a huge bill either. Here’s an idea that might help…I will and you could put a plea for help at/ on your local Craigslist even in these terrible tight times ..there are “Angels” out there. It happened for me years ago with my dear , gone but NEVER forgotten “Spyke”.. I hope, I know , help will come to you.
So, keep the faith in the good that our friends will be with us & put it to the Universe to provide.
Health & Happiness to you both.

January 9, 2009 at 2:19 am
(4) HAH says:

Good for you, KEL. People too often are blindsided by pain to realize what it takes to run just one test. The cost is exponential. We have far more debt than most clients will ever see. I am just starting out and cannot work in order to keep a competative GPA so am surviving on student loans. My first year of community college was 10grand for a 3.8 For this calling, we put off having families, because it would be too cruel to put them through it. We don’t lounge or party on weekends because we are volunteering, trying to work, or just plain sleeping. The spector of debt and slipping grades is a constant, as are those parts of this system you desperately want to change, though it will be years before you can do anything but READ. Above all, we are animal people. And we have to leave our own animals so that we can go to a new city alone so that we can someday work on someone else’s animals. My cats cry at my door while I study to make a better life for all of us. One is old enough he may never see it. I am 30 now and will knowingly miss my window for human children so that I can someday save their “children”. I don’t vacation. I live on ramen noodles and the occasional pizza to keep my cost down. KEL, you have a friend.

February 15, 2009 at 11:26 pm
(5) gayle says:

Ah you are actually right you should be paid.. and I am sure you will get paid back for your ill remarks. You are by far the worst sounding ver,,, I hope you just have trouble putting your feelings on paper. But, what you wrte was really evil.. You sound lke the worst vet in the world… I have the best vets here in Snata barbara and they all do pro bono and take turs to make a difference for the better here.
I hope you get your loans paid off and become a vet wit ha heart

June 21, 2009 at 12:10 pm
(6) Ashley says:

So… Bottom Line.. Is there anyone in denver that does bill you? Otherwise… my 5 month old puppy is terribly sick…????

March 24, 2010 at 12:12 pm
(7) Huh says:

@HAH. I would like to know how you have sacrificed having children by going to veterinarian school. It’s an eight-year program. Even if you start at thirty, you won’t miss your “window for human children.” I suspect that you never wanted to have children in the first place.

The cost for veterinarian school is no higher than any other higher-degree school, and the salary you get will pay off your debt in two to three years.

Saying that, can you not understand the frustrations from those who graduated with a four-year-degree, with $40,000+ of debt, and no job prospects in this economy (unless you have a PhD) who encounter vets such as yourself claiming that they do it for “love” and not “money,” while they charge “exponential” fees for services that are truly not that costly? For instance, in the northeast part of the country it can cost $800 to get a spay done on a small dog. It does NOT cost $800 to perform the operation, of even to cover the tools and time; it is purely for profit.

August 24, 2010 at 5:03 pm
(8) linda says:

I agree with the person from Santa Barbara who suggests that vets rotate pro bono care with other vets. We need your help. My vet charged me $97. for a biopsy that was done at the local vet school where they only charge the vet $47. I brought it to the school myself and saved $50.

December 29, 2010 at 11:44 am
(9) TRISH says:

It seems that vets are more expensive than people doctors lately…I was charged $280 for blood CBC; I can get that for me for $138. Puppy vaccines cost $3.50 & the vet charges $20 upward. I have experienced alot of misdiagnosing(for alot of money) and then spent alot of money again to get a second opinion (hopefully correct this time). If you go into Vet Med b/c you love animals, there has to be a happy medium betw becoming a millionaire and your love of animals.

November 19, 2012 at 3:46 pm
(10) chamberton says:

The costs are outrageous and even if you get care credit they want you to pay it off in 6 months. I could never ever let someone’s pet die for money my pup needs tests for breast cancer and it is stressing me to the max. Did they ever hear of Saint Francis of Assisi or Damean who said it is just as honorable to save a pet as they are one of God’s creatures.

June 23, 2013 at 2:25 pm
(11) Giovanni says:

This is ridiculous there needs to be someone that will help those with financial constraints! Aren’t they supposed to take an oath or something. SHAME on these vets!

July 6, 2013 at 3:51 pm
(12) Tammy says:

We, myself and my best friend Bella, need vet services, she needs her shots and spayed. I am indegent, on state assistance. I love my nest friend and she needs shots amd spayed. Shes 2yrs old. 05-05 she turned two. Can u please help us….please

Please concider helpping us
I would clean kennals ect to pay for the services. Lord please help us

July 19, 2013 at 12:51 am
(13) Cindy Daniels says:

It’s called pro bono and you took a hippocratic oath to relieve animal suffering, SHAME on you! Thank GOD I have a real vet that truly cares for the animal not just his wallet.

July 19, 2013 at 1:02 am
(14) Cindy Daniels says:

It just breaks my heart when I hear of someone that can’t get medical help for their beloved pet because a vet won’t see them because they don’t have any money. I understand it costs a great deal of money to run a vet clinic and I’m sure they probably have had people skip out on bills before but they have taken a Hippocratic Oath similar to human medical Dr’s and part of that oath is to “relieve animal suffering”.
I’m SO lucky I have had vets in my life that care more about the animals than the money. Prior to the excellent one I have now I used to have an old farm vet, “Dr. Cooper”. I swear he was about 80 before he finally retired, and he only retired because he couldn’t see anymore. He would come to my place when he was in the area doing farm visits. He spayed a male cat in my driveway once! His vet truck had a fold out surgery table, I think he charged me all of $20! Bless the veterinarians that truly care for the animals and shame on the ones that refuse service for lack of money!
It is called “pro bono” you do it for free, you donate your time and services because you have PLENTY of paying customers and you must make exceptions…like blood work really costs $250!!!

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